• In order to succeed in today’s extremely competitive, fast-paced business world, protection through proven risk management principles and techniques is a must. No matter what industry you operate in, you must be able to recognize risk, assess risk, and develop strategies to both manage and mitigate risk. This involves a thorough evaluation of the risks of doing business and developing a set of procedures to mitigate the potential damage of a loss or series of losses.

    Our risk management process includes the following:

    • Review of operating procedures
    • Analysis and identification of exposures
    • Review of existing insurance policies
    • Analysis of company history (claims, insurance carrier, and insurance costs)
    • Analysis of alternatives
    – Risk retention/assumption
    – Risk transfer
    – Risk elimination
    – Loss control analysis
    – Carrier alignment with company needs
    – Property values
    – Liability limit review
    • Management recommendations and plans

  • We understand that a business is only as strong as their weaknesses, and will go above and beyond to eliminate various threats your biggest investment is faced with. Working with our loss control affiliates and insurance carrier loss control professionals, we assist our clients in the analysis of safety programs and loss prevention efforts. We also help development plans to implement new loss prevention and risk control strategies.

    Our services include:

    • Completing building inspections
    • Comprehensive risk assessment
    • Analyze exposures and develop recommendations for improvement and loss mitigation
    • Development and analysis of safety programs
    • Training for supervisors and employees for ergonomic, noise abatement, back injury prevention, forklift training, lifting exposure, etc
    • OSHA and Cal-OSHA compliance review
    • Involvement on Cal-OSHA inspection

  • Take the worry out of claims filing and management when you trust our team to do the job for you! As your advocates, we will be by your side at the time of loss and throughout the entire recovery process. We will work with you to ensure that your claims experience is smooth, efficient, and timely. Allow us to provide you with peace of mind in a commonly overwhelming time.


    Understanding a client’s claims history and analyzing the reasons why those claims arose are critical factors in developing risk management action plans. Our firm takes pride in assisting both our current and prospective clients with these matters. Our staff, brokers, and claims affiliates have extensive knowledge in this arena.

    Services we provide in conjunction with our claims affiliates and insurance companies include:

    • Coverage review
    • Workflow analysis
    • Loss trending analysis
    • Development of safety programs
    • Ergonomic evaluations
    • Claims reserve analysis and trending

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  • Workers compensation losses are more often than not one of the biggest costs of doing business for most organizations. Our firm is committed to providing our clients with excellent claims management expertise. We help our clients navigate through complicated workers compensation claims and litigation. Our goal is simple, but work intensive – To assist our clients in minimizing the impact of loss and mitigating future claims activity, which will have a direct impact on their premium and reduce the overall cost of a client’s insurance portfolio.

    Our services include:

    • Review of loss history and loss runs to identify claims and confirm the accuracy of data
    • Review the activity of the claims adjuster on all open cases
    • Schedule and meet with client and adjuster to review all open indemnity cases
    • Review reserves prior to the carrier completion of the Unit Statistical filing
    • Develop a report on open the status of open indemnity cases
    • Work with client and carrier on early return to work program
    • Projection of upcoming experience modification factor
    • Review clients existing safety program

  • We strive to be an advocate for our clients during the most trying times. At the time of loss, we will work with you to ensure your claim is handled in a timely and efficient manner. We only work with the most reputable and attentive insurance carriers, so we are confident in their ability to handle your claim, but our team is available to assist in any time of need.

    Our services include:

    • Review and forwarding of the claim to the insurance carrier
    • Analysis of claims activity with the insurance carrier to determine:
    – Status, Processing Review
    – Coverage Review
    – Handling
    – Future Activity Plan
    – Dollars Paid Status Review
    – Dollars Reserved Status Review
    – Expected Closing Date