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Why Is General Liability Insurance for Contractors Important?

general liability insurance for contractors

Most independent contractors think general liability insurance is not mandatory for them, as they don’t work regularly and their business is small. However, despite the size of the company, things can go wrong. For example, your employee may damage someone’s property, or your business could be sued for slander/libel. In such circumstances, you will be Read More

Top Nine Questions Related to Workers’ Compensation Insurance

It is important, both as an employer and an employee, to understand what a workers’ compensation insurance is and how it can benefit you if an employee gets hurt on the job. Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions related to workers’ comp insurance. What is workers’ compensation insurance? Workers’ compensation insurance Read More

5 Business Insurance Mistakes That You Need to Avoid

Business insurance mistakes

Running a business involves paying close attention to details, which many startups fail to do. Countless companies disappear after the first year because they didn’t take the time to set up the right protections to keep the firm from collapsing overnight. Here’s a look at typical business insurance mistakes that can result in significant losses Read More

Mitigating Your Risk: How to Lower Cyber Insurance Costs

hacker working

There’s a direct relationship between your business’ cyber insurance costs and level of IT/data security. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these costs have risen sharply due to the unprecedented increase in cyber-attacks. You can lower your cyber insurance premiums by implementing specific risk mitigation strategies. Keep reading to learn more. Financial Losses Due to the Lack Read More

Can I Cover My Company Vehicle with My Personal Auto Policy?

Company vehicle under auto insurance policy

Some jobs involve driving company vehicles, while others allow workers to drive their own vehicles for work-related tasks. Is it possible to use a car provided by your employer for both business and personal needs? Yes, but you will have to provide your own coverage for your personal use. In that scenario, here’s a look Read More

Workers’ Compensation for Adverse Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccines

Workers' Compensation for Adverse Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 has changed the way businesses operate, possibly forever. As things have begun to return to some level of normalcy, several companies are slowly resuming their operations. This article looks at the possible impact of COVID-19 vaccines on the workforce, specifically in terms of the available workers’ compensation coverage. Many businesses are putting policies in Read More

All You Need to Know about Affordable Commercial Property Insurance

All you need to know about affordable commercial property insurance

What is Commercial Property Insurance? Commercial property insurance provides coverage for risks related to owning or leasing a property. It can extend to cover property losses that may result from theft, robbery, vandalism, damages/destruction, as well as the cost of repairing your buildings. Do You Need Commercial Property Insurance? Yes, you’re better off insuring your Read More

Reasons Why You May Need to Review Your Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance review Every company goes through periods of growth and change, wherein their insurance needs also change. A commercial insurance review will help you go over every aspect of your company's needs. It will uncover areas of growth as well as add new equipment or locations to the policy. Changes will be noted, and your commercial coverage Read More

How to: File a Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

File a Commercial Auto Insurance Claim

Find out how to file a commercial auto insurance claim! Whether you own a florist business, cake company, or home delivery service for the elderly, you or your employees may be on the roads every day. No matter how you and your employees use your commercial vehicle or fleet, you could be at risk in Read More