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6 Types of Business Insurance Coverage That You Need

6 Types of Business Insurance Coverage That You Need

Why Do Businesses Need Insurance? The importance of purchasing insurance coverage for your business cannot be overemphasized. Every business is at risk of suffering mishaps that threaten to hinder its continuance; hence, you must be well-protected at all times. Buying insurance for SMEs is a financially wise decision because growing businesses cannot afford to lose Read More

4 Tips to Protect Your Business From Cybercrime

Protect business from cybercrime Cybercrime is on the rise. No matter how big or small your business is, online predators and hackers can infiltrate into your world when you use the internet. It's up to you to protect your business from these risks first by creating a cyber culture that includes several security measures to keep these cybercriminals at Read More

Common Winter Work Perils and How to Avoid Them

frosted car Protect Your Business From These Common Winter Work Perils   With winter here, the cold weather brings plenty of risks to employees and business owners alike. With the right preparation and education, you can protect your business and team from common winter work perils. Take a look at these winter issues that businesses face and Read More

Reduce Fall and Winter Property Damage and Insurance Costs

leaves in the falls season

Protect Your Home This Winter  With winter on the way, we’re heading into a busy time of year full of holiday parties, festivities, adverse weather, shorter days, and cooler temperatures. Although the most wonderful time of the year can also be the most stressful, there are ways to ensure your home remains in good condition. Read More

How to Handle a Breach of Data in Your Organization

ipad data breach | How to Handle a Breach of Data in Your Organization Managing a Cyber Attack in Your Company  Cybercrime is on the rise, even if businesses remain ignorant to the fact. All business owners should take preventative measures to secure their business’s operations, data, and security. Both an internal and external plan of action should be created to outline what to do if there’s a data Read More

Common OSHA Violations and How to Avoid Them

an office desk Common OSHA Violations and How to Avoid Them How to Prevent Frequently-Made OSHA Violations  The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) was created to establish safe and healthy working conditions for men and women in their place of work. While the OSHA provides numerous resources and requires certain standards to be met, businesses can still violate their safety standards. To avoid common safety Read More

Why Business Interruption Insurance is Important

sorry we're closed sign on a business door The Importance of Business Interruption Insurance  Small business owners will not hesitate to buy coverage insurance to protect their entity due to physical damage to the property or liability protection. What if something happened to their business that made it temporarily unusable? Today, too many business owners skip over this fact. Fortunately, business interruption insurance Read More

Why Business Owners Should Consider a BOP

man with group of employees looking at a plolicy What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know About a BOP One of the critical needs of every business owner is choosing the right business insurance. Too much insurance means that money could have been spent elsewhere, too little insurance and you leave your business unprotected. Most small business owners should consider a Business Owner’s Read More

Tips for Identifying a Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claim

Tips for Identifying a Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Claim

Red Flags That Could Signal a Workers’ Compensation Claim is Fraudulent  As a business owner, it’s important to know how to protect your company from scams. Unfortunately, some employees can make false workers’ compensation claims that cause enormous damage to your business and hinder your company from helping those that need it. Keep in mind Read More