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How Auto Insurance Can Help in the Aftermath of an Accident

auto insurance

Whether you brace for the collision ahead or are tapped from the behind, here’s how your auto insurance can help. Any car accident or crash can leave you feeling a bit flustered. After a crash, you don’t want to be fumbling about trying to Google what to do or forget a critical step in the Read More

6 Things You Should Never Do to Your Car!

Things You Should Never Do to Your Car

Treat your car with care and avoid doing these things to your vehicle! For most people, their car is their lifeline. As one of the most expensive items people own and often the first big ticket purchase, people want to protect their car and keep it on the roads for as long as it can. Read More

Use These Safety Tips During Teen Driving Awareness Month

Teen Driving Safety Tips & Auto Insurance CA

January is Teen Driving Awareness Month. Use it to implement these safety tips with your teen. Your teen getting their license is a blessing, and a curse. On one hand, you just freed yourself from the carpool rotation and those late-night pickups. On the other hand, you’re probably going to spend some time worrying about Read More