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Understanding How Umbrella Insurance Claims Work

Most people have standard liability coverage in their homeowners, auto, or renters insurance. However, standard plans don’t cover all types of claims or lawsuits, which is why it’s advantageous to have umbrella insurance to fill in coverage gaps.

Scope of Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Your homeowners policy or auto insurance offers only limited liability coverage if you damage someone’s property or cause injuries. With the right umbrella insurance plan, you can cover all types of unforeseen incidents that might trigger an umbrella insurance claim. An umbrella plan increases liability limits on your home and other valuable belongings. It also provides more comprehensive coverage.

 How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Suppose your car crashes into a tree or a tree on your premises falls on a neighbor’s roof. Your umbrella insurance kicks in after your underlying policy’s limits have been used up and pays for the remaining expenses. It’s handy to carry this insurance in case you cause a serious accident that causes more damage than your policy limits.

How Do Liability Limits Work?

Liability limits on your policy reflect the maximum amount the insurer will pay for damages. After that, you have to pay out of your own pocket unless you carry umbrella insurance. It’s important to consider umbrella coverage if you regularly throw house parties, which increases the odds of an injury on your property.

Review your policy coverage and deductibles to get an idea of how your liability plans work together. Suppose you have an auto insurance plan with a liability coverage limit of $400,000 and a deductible of $1,000. Meanwhile, your umbrella policy covers $1 million with a deductible of $400,000. If you cause an accident and face a $1 million lawsuit. What happens next?

First, you will have to pay the $1,000 deductible from your auto policy, and then the auto insurer will pay the rest of the $399,000 coverage limit. Once you have met the deductible for your umbrella policy, it will cover the rest of the settlement ($600,000).

 Umbrella Insurance Claim Scenarios

There are many different ways an umbrella insurance claim may arise. Here are a few of them:

  • Multiple crash injuries: You crash into a car full of people. Several passengers sustain serious injuries that exceed your standard coverage limits.
  • House party: A guest slips and falls at your house party and misses work for six months. The extended treatment and rehabilitation use up your standard coverage.
  • Cargo damage – You slam into a truck carrying very expensive goods that are destroyed by the collision. There is no way your standard policies will cover all of it, but an umbrella policy will.
  • Accident caused by a teen driver – Your teenage son borrows your car and goes on a joy ride with friends that ends in disaster, causing severe injuries to all involved.

Each of these events can be financially devastating for you without umbrella coverage. Ask yourself what are the chances of any of the above events happening to you. Accidents can occur anytime so you should consider having adequate umbrella insurance in place.

Contact us at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for more information on umbrella insurance and any questions you may have about your unique coverage needs.

Six Ways You Can Help Save the Planet on Earth Day

Earth Day

These daily habits can help to heal the earth for Earth Day.

As Chief Seattle once famously said, ‘The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.” The only reason we are allowed to be here is because of this planet – our Mother Earth. Unfortunately, the human race hasn’t always been kind to the planet. We use fossil fuel resources, release toxic fumes into the atmosphere, have caused shifts in the environment, and are wiping a huge number of species from the face of the earth. On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2017, be sure that you adopt some green lifestyle choices to celebrate the planet that we live on.

Drive less: Cut down on your commutes by biking to work or carpooling. Think twice before you get in the car, and use public transport to switch things up!

Plant a tree: As a popular Earth Day activity, it’s wise to plant a tree! They are the lungs of the earth, and humans are continually knocking them down for cattle grazing. Trees help to filter pollution from the air, provide homes for wildlife, recycle water, and prevent soil loss.

Unplug appliances: The typical American has 40 household appliances plugged in at any one moment. Even when turned off, they still gobble up energy, costing you money and consuming precious resources. Decrease the energy consumption by unplugging these devices when not in use.

Reduce plastic waste: Plastic that doesn’t end up in landfills or recycling centers ends up in the ocean. Causing a huge disturbance to marine wildlife and mammals, this plastic harms our oceans and animals. Skip the bottled water by taking your own reusable one, say no to straws, recycle what you can, and don’t use plastic bags at stores.

Go vegan: Have vegan and vegetarian days to cut down on your intake of meat and dairy products. Every day, a vegan saves 1,100 gallons of water, 45 pounds of grain, 30 square feet of forests, 20 lbs. of CO2, and the life of one animal. Not only does it benefit your health, but it helps to save the earth and animals!

Plant your food: In a world dominated by cruel factory farms, harmful pesticides, and exotic foods flying thousands of miles, it’s wise to grow your own plants for food. It’s kinder to your wallet, waistline, and planet!

Earth Day is just the beginning! Commit to bettering the environment from here on out.

Going green reduces your carbon footprint while increasing what’s in your wallet! Fully protect your financial future with the right insurance policies by contacting the team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers, serving Camarillo and neighboring cities in California.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You and Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Check out these Valentine’s Day date ideas for this romantic holiday.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people find themselves looking for some exciting and romantic date ideas to partake in with their significant others. Fortunately, there are all kinds of wonderful date ideas that you can enjoy with your love during this upcoming holiday. Check out these Valentine’s Day ideas for some much-needed inspiration to spark romance.

Dinner and a Movie

Consider going out to dinner to your significant other’s favorite restaurant. If you are of legal age, order glasses of wine and enjoy a nice dessert as well. Then, decide on a movie that you will both enjoy for the perfect romantic evening. While it’s a simple date idea, it never fails to connect two people!

Hotel Rendezvous

Looking to get away on a mini-vacation without having to go too far? Consider booking a suite at a local hotel with a pool, hot tub, and spa for ultimate pampering. Then, enjoy a romantic night in by ordering room service.

Cook Together

If you and your spouse are rarely together on weeknights, choose to make Valentine’s Day a special occasion to spend some quality time with one another. Cook your favorite meal together and spend time catching up about each other’s days.

Take a Walk

A budget-friendly outing is to explore the natural landscape around your local area. Take a hike during the day or head to nearest park or beach to stroll and spend time with each other.

Go Ice-Skating

Handholding, chocolate, and cozy clothing – ice-skating is a great way to connect and have fun! An hour of ice-skating is sure to end with laughter and love.

Have a Spa Day

What better way to relax on this romantic holiday than starting it off with a massage and spa? Enjoy the resort’s amenities for the day before heading out for a romantic dinner.

As you can see, there are plenty of great Valentine’s Day date ideas to consider for the upcoming holiday. Whatever you end up doing, be sure that you and your loved one are covered with the peace of mind of a great insurance policy. Contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to learn about suitable coverage for you and your sweetie.

Ring in the 2017 on a Budget With These Affordable New Year’s Eve Plans


Looking for affordable New Year’s Eve plans? Read on!

Figuring out what to do for New Year’s Eve can be a challenge – especially if you’re on a tight budget. Whether you’re a family of four that want some fun entertainment or a young couple who wants a dance-til-morning marathon, there are some sure ways to ring in the New Year without breaking the bank.

Host a Party

Instead of paying a huge cover charge for an elite club on New Year’s Eve (that will only be packed to the brim), opt to host a party at your house. Make it affordable for everyone by asking each person to bring a drink or snack. Forget the 2017 banner and party hats; you can make it a relaxed and fun feel even without the house dressed in decorations. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about an overpriced meal or cocktails that have you take out a loan.

Camp Out

Take advantage of the mild winter in California by going camping right in your own backyard! Light up the fire pit, roast the marshmallows, and grab the guitar for some old-school fun! The kids and pets will love it, and you may get to see some nearby fireworks to ring in the New Year.

Plan Ahead

Believe it or not, but you can get some affordable travel tickets for New Year’s Eve, meaning that you spend the New Year in your ideal destination! Plan ahead and book in advance so that you can properly prepare for the journey, as well as save a few dollars.

From the professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers, we hope that you have a safe and fun New Year’s Eve! For all of your insurance needs to see you through the New Year, contact us today to secure the right policies for you.

5 Effect Ways to Recognize Your Employees

Recognize Your Employees

Boost morale and productivity by implementing ways on how to recognize your employees.

Your employees are far more likely to stay with your company if they’re happy, satisfied, and valued. In turn, appreciating employees for stellar work is vital to maintaining morale and boosting productivity. If you want to make the most out of your team, you should start to recognize your employees!

To employees, a nice salary, enjoyable jobs, and plenty of benefits create an attractive offer. However, no member of staff will stick around at a job where they feel undervalued or unappreciated.

Putting some thought into employee gratitude is well worth the effort! Here are some tips to get you started:

Be sincere. There is no better way to inspire employees than by offering your genuine gratitude for their efforts and hard work. Note that your attempts at employee recognition will fail if an employee doesn’t consider your communication heartfelt.

Recognize achievers. One of the best ways to recognize employees is to spread the word about noteworthy individuals and team accomplishments. Giving credit where credit is due will help to communicate to your staff that you appreciate them.

Support employee goals. If your company can, offer to pay a portion of an employee’s education costs or organize training and development opportunities for the staff.

Be flexible. If it works for your business, consider allowing trusted employees to work more flexible schedules that better coincide with their personal schedule. Flextime and telecommuting can be among the best employee benefits with the lowest cost for employers!

Treat them now and again. Recognition doesn’t have to be about picking out only one-star employee. Maybe everyone on the team pitched in to land an important client or meet a big deadline? Consider taking the whole team out for lunch or giving them half a day off!

Employers, implement these tips today to recognize your employees, boost morale, and improve productivity. So that you can focus on your team, contact the professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to secure the right commercial insurance policies for your business today.

How Auto Insurance Can Help in the Aftermath of an Accident

auto insurance

Whether you brace for the collision ahead or are tapped from the behind, here’s how your auto insurance can help.

Any car accident or crash can leave you feeling a bit flustered. After a crash, you don’t want to be fumbling about trying to Google what to do or forget a critical step in the process. Fortunately, this guide can help make the moments after an accident less stressful as well as making the claims process that much smoother. Do you know how to handle a car accident and file a claim for your auto insurance?

Move to a safe area. If you can, pull over to the side of the road, out of the flow of ongoing traffic. If moving your car isn’t possible, turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers that your vehicle is stopped. Make sure that everyone is okay in both vehicles, and call the police pronto.

After an accident, collect information. From the moment you collide with another vehicle, person, or property, keep good records. Take note of the time, the other driver’s name, location, license number, insurance company, and contact information. Once the police have arrived and taken statements, ask for a copy and write down the officer’s names.

Contact your insurance company. Let your insurance company know that you were in an accident and provide all the specifics of the crash. If you took photos or a video of the scene, send them over to your insurance agent as they may help during the claims process.

Work with the claims adjustor. When filing a claim, many insurers will send an adjuster out to inspect the damage to your vehicle. After this, you’ll be sent a settlement offer, you’ll pay the deductible, and have your insurance kick in to cover the rest.   

Being involved in a crash is never ideal, especially if you have to worry about financial hardships. Minimize this risk by knowing how to handle an accident and ensuring that you have sufficient coverage on your auto insurance. To determine the right amount of protection that best suits your vehicle, needs, and budget, contact one of our helpful agents at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers today!

Enjoying the Football Season? Use These Tailgating Safety Tips

Tailgating Safety Tips

Kick off the football season on the right foot! Read on for tailgating safety tips.

The football season is back in full swing, and plenty of fans are getting together to enjoy some pre-game food, drinks, and celebration. This is the perfect opportunity to make friends siding with different teams, enjoy a good barbecue, and cold beers. Before you drive off to your pre-game party, read on for tailgating safety tips.

Keep It Cool
Are you taking your food supplies to a party? Keep your food items chilled in a cooler until they’re ready to be cooked.

Get Grilling
What would a tailgate party be without a grill? Take precautions to make sure that your tailgating festivities don’t go down in flames when cooking on the grill. Keep pets and children away from the grill at all times, and safely dispose of any hot coals and ashes.

Don’t Go O.T.T. If You’re the D.D.
Tailgaters are notorious for having too much to drink. If your tailgating party includes alcohol, always secure a designated driver before the party starts. Drinking and driving never mixes well, so stay clear of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Stay Safe in the Sun!
The sun is still strong in California, even at the beginning of autumn. Lather up in sunscreen before you head out and always have enough water on hand to keep sipping on to prevent dehydration.

Why not enjoy your football season altogether by informing your fellow tailgaters about the aforementioned safety tips? For the protection that you need to keep you and your festivities safe, review your insurance policies. With the right coverage, you can feel rest assured that the right defenses are in your field. Contact the Camarillo-local experts at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for all of your insurance needs.

What Your Business Needs to Know About Workers’ Compensation

Business Needs to Know About Workers’ Compensation

Do you know the essentials about workers’ compensation?

Every business has its own unique set of risks and dangers when it comes to employees working. Therefore, every business owner should know what workers’ compensation insurance can do for the company and employees! Your business is one hundred percent responsible for providing workers’ compensation benefits, so it’s important to ensure it is quality coverage.

Workers’ Compensation 101

Workers’ compensation protects workers from workplace injuries, repetitive stress injuries, and occupational diseases.

This coverage can help your business pay for:

  • Work-injured employees’ medical and recovery expenses
  • Replacement wages when employees can’t work because of a covered injury or illness
  • Dependent support payments and funeral expenses when fatal occupation injuries occur
  • Liability expenses when your business gets sued over work injuries.

Employees who are injured or disabled on the job receive a fixed monetary reward and, in exchange for the acceptance of this aid, cannot sue the business.

What Your Business Needs to Know

Workers’ compensation covers most injuries that occur on the job, on a no-fault basis. This means that benefits are paid regardless of who is to blame for the accident or injury unless the employee’s conduct violates company policy. In this case, coverage may be excluded.

Coverage can extend to an employee traveling for company-related business, running a work errand, or attending a business social event. With these events included in the insurance, make sure that your business has quality coverage.

At Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers, we provide each business with the workers’ compensation insurance that is suitable to protect your company and employees. Contact us to get started on your free commercial insurance quote today.

Fun Activities for Kids This Summer

Activities for Kids This Summer

These activities for kids this summer will keep your children happy and active.

The summer is here and the children are out of school! Many parents are wondering how to keep their child busy without draining their own energy or wallet. It’s easy enough to let children snack all day while playing video games or watching T.V. – but it’s advised not to let them do this! Keep them engaged all season long with activities for kids this summer.

Here are some ideas to get you started!

Play board games. Old-fashioned? No. Retro? Definitely. Board game nights and trivia nights are popular everywhere, and your children will love playing card and board games.

Let the kids help you cook. Sharpen their math skills and teach them the basics of nutrition while preparing the nightly supper! Plus, kids are more likely to eat healthy meals that they help to prepare.

Volunteer. Make the most of your time by helping others. Compassion comes naturally to children, so take them to an animal shelter, let them help out in the soup kitchen, or volunteer to paint Grandma’s fence!

Start a veggie garden. Children will love to get involved in creating their own food! Start with seeds (and fairly low maintenance veggies) to grow in your backyard. Talk to your child about the needs of each vegetable so that they can set daily tasks to tend to the garden.

Find a new hobby. You child may love to sew, make scrapbooks, or collect coins! If the child has expressed interest in a topic you haven’t mastered, do the research and create projects together.

Go camping. It doesn’t have to be a luxurious camping trip that will break the bank! You can even set up a tent in the backyard to camp out in overnight. Teach your child the basics of camping while you’re at it!

From the insurance professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers, we hope that you and your children have a wonderful summer! For all of your insurance needs before fall, contact us today.

Personal Property Insurance You Need!

Personal Property Insurance You Need

Check out the personal property insurance you need to keep yourself protected. 

A homeowners insurance policy is personal property insurance you need to keep your home and finances safe. In the event of a natural disaster, theft, or liability lawsuit, homeowners can fall back on their policy to cover hefty expenses.

Before you buy the cheapest homeowners insurance policy that you see online, it’s important to know the essential property insurance you need to keep safe! Check out these coverages that will best keep your finances in your wallet and your home protected.

  1. Coverage for damage to the house: This part of a policy pays to repair or rebuild a home if it’s damaged or destroyed by fire, hurricane, hail, lightning, or another listed peril in the policy. It won’t pay for damage caused by a flood or earthquake – but these two policies can be purchased separately.
  2. Coverage for personal property: Everything from furniture to clothes to sports equipment and other personal items are covered if they’re stolen or destroyed by a covered disaster. Trees, plants, and shrubs are also protected under standard homeowners insurance should they face fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, and even falling aircraft. Personal items of high value are often excluded from this coverage (such as jewelry, furs, silverware) and will need a rider to protect their entire worth.
  3. Personal liability protection: Liability covers against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that policyholders or family members cause to other people. It can pay for the cost of defending the policyholder in court, up to the policy limit. An umbrella insurance policy provides broader coverage, including claims for libel and slander, as well as higher liability limits.
  4. Additional living expenses: This pays the additional costs of living away from home while it is being repaired due to a fire, storm, or another listed disaster. This coverage can foot the bill for hotel rooms, restaurant meals, and other living expenses while the home is uninhabitable.

Are you ready to secure the property insurance you need? Contact the professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for the insurance that your home and wallet deserve.