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How to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Heading out on vacation? Be sure to protect your home!

Where is this summer taking you? Whether it’s tropical, action-packed, or relaxing, many people go on vacations over the summer months. With time off work and school, it makes it ideal for families, couples, and individuals alike. While you’re packing to head out on vacation, ensure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your home.

Ask a friend. Ask a relative, friend, or trusted neighbor to visit your home a couple of times a week. He or she can water the plants and check that the home is safe and sound.

Limit social media messages. It’s possible for anyone to see your social media profile and messages. Posting about an upcoming vacation may get you in the mood for fun, but it makes it easy for thieves to know when your home will be vacant. Instead, post pictures about your trip when you’re back home.

Remove the key. Now is the time to remove the spare front door key that’s hiding underneath the welcome mat. Thieves will take advantage of scoping out places to hide keys, so be sure that you don’t fall victim!

Unplug and shut off. Before you leave, unplug minor appliances (TV, chargers, some lights), and shut off the water valve. This way, the risk of your home suffering from damage decreases.

Make it looked lived-in. You don’t want people to know you’re away while you’re away. Combat this by setting lights on a timer to switch on during the nighttime, and consider lowering or turning off your telephone ringer. While you’re at it, cancel newspaper deliveries.

Pack discretely. Take care when loading up the car with luggage. You don’t want to attract any unnecessary attention to indicate that you’re leaving down. Don’t leave the trunk open while you bring out suitcases. Instead, try to pack up your supplies while your car is in the garage, if possible.

Before you head out on vacation, take a moment to review your homeowners insurance. You’ll want to ensure that your coverage is suitable for your needs while you are away from your home. Fortunately, it takes a simple phone call to secure the right coverage. Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine your homeowners insurance policy today.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You and Your Sweetheart

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Check out these Valentine’s Day date ideas for this romantic holiday.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many people find themselves looking for some exciting and romantic date ideas to partake in with their significant others. Fortunately, there are all kinds of wonderful date ideas that you can enjoy with your love during this upcoming holiday. Check out these Valentine’s Day ideas for some much-needed inspiration to spark romance.

Dinner and a Movie

Consider going out to dinner to your significant other’s favorite restaurant. If you are of legal age, order glasses of wine and enjoy a nice dessert as well. Then, decide on a movie that you will both enjoy for the perfect romantic evening. While it’s a simple date idea, it never fails to connect two people!

Hotel Rendezvous

Looking to get away on a mini-vacation without having to go too far? Consider booking a suite at a local hotel with a pool, hot tub, and spa for ultimate pampering. Then, enjoy a romantic night in by ordering room service.

Cook Together

If you and your spouse are rarely together on weeknights, choose to make Valentine’s Day a special occasion to spend some quality time with one another. Cook your favorite meal together and spend time catching up about each other’s days.

Take a Walk

A budget-friendly outing is to explore the natural landscape around your local area. Take a hike during the day or head to nearest park or beach to stroll and spend time with each other.

Go Ice-Skating

Handholding, chocolate, and cozy clothing – ice-skating is a great way to connect and have fun! An hour of ice-skating is sure to end with laughter and love.

Have a Spa Day

What better way to relax on this romantic holiday than starting it off with a massage and spa? Enjoy the resort’s amenities for the day before heading out for a romantic dinner.

As you can see, there are plenty of great Valentine’s Day date ideas to consider for the upcoming holiday. Whatever you end up doing, be sure that you and your loved one are covered with the peace of mind of a great insurance policy. Contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to learn about suitable coverage for you and your sweetie.

Buying Business Insurance? Read These Tips First

Tips for Buying Business Insurance in Camarillo, CA

Every business needs insurance, but not all need the same policy. Here are some tips for finding the right business insurance. 

No two businesses are alike. Similarly, no two businesses share the same risks and threats that can impact the business’s future, finances, and staff. From fire to fraud to dishonest employees, your business insurance should provide the right policy to suit your needs and cover your exposures. Therein lies your dilemma: you can go broke keeping your company secure.

Buying insurance can be a frustrating process for business owners. Finding the right policy for your business can feel like you’re looking for a needle in the haystack. But hay! Giving up and settling for a mediocre policy can do more damage to your business than it can good.

To get you started on buying business insurance, here are the top tips to help you find the right coverage for your business:

  1. Understand Your Risks – If you’re a small or new business, you may not believe you have risks, but you do! Know the risks that are evident in your company, which could include having a property in a flood zone, employing hundreds of employees, maintaining heavy duty equipment which could cause injuries, and regularly having guests on the property. Additionally, if your business uses digital data or operates a vehicle, cyber liability insurance and commercial auto insurance will need to be purchased, respectively.
  2. Catch Up on Coverage – Before you buy a policy, learn about the different types of coverage available. You might need general liability coverage, property insurance, workers’ compensation, and employment practice liability insurance, and you’ll want to understand what coverage is best for you and how it will protect your company.
  3. Know the Limits – Be sure that your insurance policies have limits that are well-within your budget and asset protection. If your deductible is too high to pay out of pocket, lower it; if you can afford to pay more as a one-time expense, raise your deductible to save a few dollars every month.
  4. Don’t Buy Just to Comply with a Contract – Buy insurance to protect your business! It’s not uncommon for business owners to select the first policy that they see online. However, this policy may mean that the limits are too low or that the coverage is insufficient – leaving your company in a less-than-ideal situation after a disaster.
  5. Assess Every Year – As your business grows, so can your risk. You don’t want to be caught underinsured in the event of a claim. Perform an annual insurance review to keep your business protected.
  6. Contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers!

Our insurance professionals are dedicated to suiting your business to the best policy to meet your needs and budget. Give us a call today to get started with your business insurance.

June is National Safety Month! Secure Your Business Insurance

National Safety Month & Business Insurance in Camarillo, CA

Dedicate June, National Safety Month, to updating and maintaining workplace safety and the right business insurance.

Workplace safety cannot exist on best practice guidelines and policies alone. A safe working environment is based on how well the people, in both management and offices, uphold these standards.

During June, National Safety Month, take the initiative to make your workplace a safe zone, minimizing the risk of damage, harm, and lawsuits that your company cause. Then, add another layer of protection by updating your business insurance. To get you started, here are top tips to safeguard your business and employees in the workplace:

  • Prevent slips, trips, and falls – Report and clean up all spills and leaks as they happen, replace worn and ripped flooring, and keep floors clear of wires and clutter.
  • Eliminate fire hazards – Combustible waste should be stored in covered metal receptacles and disposed of daily. In addition, there should be no chairs, tables, or items blocking fire exits at any time.
  • Clear the clutter – A cluttered workplace is a hazard in every sense. Employees and guests can easily sustain an injury when there are objects in their way. Keep aisles, stairways, hallways, and emergency exits clear of clutter and always empty trash cans before they overflow.
  • Provide necessary safety equipment – Depending on the job, equipment like earplugs, earmuffs, hard hats, and safety goggles are required to reduce the risk of workplace injury. If your employees require such protection, ensure that your company provides it.
  • Encourage breaks – So many work-related injuries and illnesses occur because a worker is tired or not alert to his or her surroundings. Taking regular breaks allows your employees to stay fresh on the job!
  • Create written rules – State your safety policies in writing so that all of your employees are aware of what safety protocols to follow.

As a business owner, dedicate the month of June to bettering your business and safety measures. So that you can focus on protecting your business from safety hazards, review your insurance policies to make sure you’re covered. If you need business insurancecontact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to get started!

What is Contractual Liability Insurance?

Contractual LiabilityDoes your business deal with contracts? Safeguard your business today with contractual liability insurance.

If your business creates written or oral contracts on a daily basis, you’ll be aware of how specific and correct each contract needs to be. Whether you provide work for other firms or hire other companies, you’ve probably signed a contract containing an indemnity agreement. This is important to provide the right service, assure the client, and protect your business.

Indemnity Agreement

Any business who has had an issue with a contract will also know that they can be somewhat of a nightmare. That’s why it’s important to understand what you’re being held responsible with an indemnity agreement. This agreement, otherwise known as a hold harmless agreement, is a promise by one party to assume liability on behalf of someone else. It typically means that Party X agrees that if Party Y is sued by Party Z because of Party’s X’s negligence, Party X will indemnify (reimburse) Party Y for costs that result from Party Z’s lawsuit.

Liability Coverage

Many business owners engage in contracts that contain indemnity agreements for property leases, equipment leases, and construction agreements. The liability that you assume under such contracts is automatically covered by the standard general liability policy.

Contractual Liability

Contractual liability insurance involves the financial consequences emanating from liability, and not the assumption of the indemnitee’s liability itself. The financial responsibilities, such as money damages, are transferred by the Indemnitor to the indemnitee.

In addition, there are certain exclusions that apply to bodily injury or property damage for which the insured is obligated to pay damages by reason of the assumption of liability in contract or agreement.

For the best chance of protecting your business in the event of a contract breach, negligence, or issue, contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for all of your commercial insurance needs in California!

Different Types of Property Coverage for Your Business

Types of Property CoverageCommercial insurance is broad and there are many different policies. What is best for your business?

Business owners may be overwhelmed when deciding on a policy that suits their company, assets, and financial future! Fortunately, we’ve compiled a handy-dandy list that provides an overview of the coverages available to businesses.

Commercial Property Insurance: As the most common form of commercial property policy, this typically covers buildings, production machinery, office equipment, furniture, and stock. The policy is fairly flexible and can be adapted to meet the needs of your business.

Businessowners Policy: A businessowners policy is a type of package policy designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and covers commercial property and general liability coverages. It can also include business income, extra expense, and various crime coverages.

Inland Marine Insurance: Commercial property and BOP policies cover property situated at the premises described in the declarations, typically away from the businesses premises. This coverage is designed to protect movable property.

Builders Risk Insurance: This insurance covers a building in the course of construction, beginning when construction starts and ending when the project is completed so that your building is protected throughout every stage.

Crime Insurance: Including employee theft coverage, computer fraud coverage, and money and securities coverage, this policy is designed to protect against losses.

Are you ready to receive quality and all-encompassing insurance for your business in California? Don’t get dumbfounded by the different types of property coverage for your business. Contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers as our expert California agents know the risks of each business, and can take steps to safeguard your company.

Tips for Cyber Liability Insurance in California

cyber liability insurance california

Smart business owners secure their company with cyber insurance in California.

With the rise of technology comes a growing risk of data breaches and cyber liability lawsuits. While you may have thought your computers were safe behind locked doors, this is certainly not the case anymore. All businesses are at risk of cyber attacks, be sure to secure yours with cyber insurance in California.

What Are the Risks?

Skilled hackers are now able to tap into devices within seconds, gaining instant access to sensitive data, emails, online bank accounts, employee records, and everything in between. If important information was to fall into the wrong hands, you could lose the business and trust of vendors, clients, guests, and your employees.

  • Liability
  • System Recovery
  • Notification Expenses
  • Regulatory Fines
  • Class Action Lawsuits

Cyber Liability Insurance Coverage

To protect your business from data breaches, cyber liability can step in should an incident occur. A policy can cover several types of risk, including:

  • Loss or corruption of data
  • Business interruption
  • Multiple types of liability
  • Identity theft
  • Cyber extortion
  • Reputation recovery

With your cyber liability insurance at hand, your business can protect against any possible risks with daily practices to prevent attacks and lower risks. You may be able to limit your cyber liability risk by:

  • Installing, maintaining, and updating security software and hardware
  • Contracting with an IT security services vendor
  • Using cloud computing services.
  • Regularly backing up data to a secure offsite location.

Protecting your business has never been easier with Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers! Our expert insurance professions allow you to receive optimum cyber liability insurance coverage for your business!

Protecting Your Business with Liability Insurance

Business liability Insurance California

Your business deserves the liability protection to keep it safe!

Any business, large or small, is most likely forward thinking about the future and their successes. Despite the huge potential for a business, owners should be smart in protecting their company. This includes protecting it from legal headaches, financial strain, and reputation damage. In short, securing business liability insurance is a concrete way to protect your company!

Business liability insurance protects your business in the event of a lawsuit for personal injury or property damages. It will usually cover the damages from a lawsuit along with the legal costs, whether or not the case is won or lost.

Types of Business Liability Insurance
General Liability Insurance:
 This provides coverage to protect your business from injury claims, property damages, and advertising claims. Also known as Commercial General Liability (CGL).

Professional Liability Insurance: Businesses that provide services will need to consider having this coverage to protect from errors, malpractice, negligence, omissions. Depending on your profession, it may be a legal requirement to carry such a policy. Doctors and those in the tech industry are likely to need this coverage.

Product Liability Insurance: Small businesses selling or manufacturing products should be protected in the event of a person becoming injured as a result of using the product. The amount of coverage and the level of risk depends on your business type. A retailer of scrapbook supplies will have far fewer risks than a wood stove builder.

Are you ready to secure your business with liability insurance in California? Contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers. Our expert California agents know the risks of each business, and can take steps to safeguard your company.


Privacy With Your Fitness Device – How To Secure Identity?

identity theft protectionWith the risks very real, put these tips into practice to protect privacy with your fitness device

It is estimated that 60 percent of Americans now regularly track their weight, diet, or exercise activity. The easiest way to do this is a smart bracelet that records physical activity and calorie intake.

With the use of Fitbits and smart tracking devices, it seems that we are never far from technology and constant tracking of our personal information. With the rise of technology and information comes a risk (and more frequent events) of privacy concerns and data theft.

All of your information is valuable to companies looking to target potential customers of everything from running shoes to diet foods to sleep aids. In addition, most devices require your age, gender, height, and weight to set up your own profile. This data is very appealing to identity thieves.

In addition to personal data, there is real-time, location-based tracking. If potential burglars got ahold of your data, they could learn where you live and when you’re away from your house, in theory.

With the risks very real, put these tips into practice to protect yourself:

  • Review your fitness tracker’s privacy policy – Find out how well your data is protected and how it is being transmitted and stored. Take an extra close look at wording regarding the sale or sharing of your data!
  • Avoid using unsecured networks – Public Wi-Fi networks put your personal data at risk!
  • Use strong passwords – Use a mix of letters, numbers, symbols, and upper/lower case letters. Change this password often.
  • Disable location tracking – Turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it!
  • Update your device/app when necessary – This might contain important security fixes.

With these tips to protect privacy with your fitness device, it’s still possible to fall prey to identity theft. For this reason, consider identity theft protection coverage. Talk to our insurance professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers in California today. Our expert team is here to make sure your business has the right types of protection in place. Contact us today to get started!