3 Items Which Call for a Personal Umbrella Policy

3 Items Which Call for a Personal Umbrella Policy

3 Items Which Call for a Personal Umbrella PolicyHave These Items? Don’t Skip Umbrella Coverage 

Many homeowners are under the impression that they have plenty of homeowners insurance coverage for their needs. What many forget is that all it takes is one accident to reach their general liability limit. Granted, some homeowners have more risks than others. If you have any of these three items in your yard, consider an umbrella insurance policy.

1) Swimming Pool

A swimming pool in California is the ultimate dream. It’s a great way to avoid busy beaches, relax at home, and cool off in summer. However, pools are a huge red flag for insurers. Pools are prone to accidents, from slips and falls on the wet tiles to drowning and worse. Talk to your insurer to find out if pool incidents are covered in your policy. Think about it in terms of the worst, such as drowning or paralysis. You may find that your homeowners insurance is not enough and that an umbrella policy is needed.

2) A Trampoline

Neck injuries, broken bones, and more – trampolines can be fun but they carry their own set of risks. Trampolines are often excluded from home policies, so you’ll want to talk to your insurer about how to cover this item. Remember to read through the trampoline’s manual in order to establish strict rules about usage. Consider age restrictions, proper installation, and supervision before purchasing a trampoline.

3) Play Equipment

Ideally, you will have play equipment installed by a professional. Even a modest swing or playset can mean that kids get injured on your property. Discuss liability concerns with your insurer and ask how to mitigate the risks.

Do you have any of these items in your backyard? Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine the right homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs and home today.


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