8 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Renters Insurance

8 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Renters Insurance


Renters insurance policy is a kind of insurance policy that safeguards a tenant’s property within a rented apartment. It is a subtype of property insurance that protects a tenant’s personal belongings within a rented apartment in case of a loss or fire. A world of uncertainties surrounds us as no one can tell what will happen in the future.

This is why insuring your properties is very important. Renters insurance shields you from being deprived of shelter anywhere and anytime. Though the process may seem complicated, it is just as easy as it sounds!

Here are a few questions you may have when trying to get your tenancy insured.

1. What Does Renters Insurance Encompass?

To many people, renters insurance coverage is about theft or fire. Interestingly, some policies help protect you if someone gets hurt within your home. So, if someone injures themselves inside your rented house, they’ll be able to file a claim with your insurance company.
2. What Are the Things Covered by My Renters Insurance?
Generally, renters insurance covers your apartment during the following occurrences:

  • Riots
  • Explosions
  • Vandalism
  • Damages caused by electrical appliances

3. What Is the Meaning of Perils?

The term “perils” refers to the exact cause of loss. Perils are specific for each insurance. Renters insurance plans include “named perils.” Examining and understanding what perils are listed within your insurance plan is essential.
4. How Should I Calculate the Value of My Belongings?
Since renters insurance covers all appliances and items within your house, it is important to know the exact cost of your belongings. There are home inventory apps or sites that can help calculate the total price of all your items. This is vital as it enables you to decide what kind of insurance plan you should buy.
5. Can I Include Someone Else in My Insurance Plan?
While some insurance companies permit you to add someone who is not related to your plan, it is generally advised to get a separate renters insurance policy.
6. Should I Include Pets in My Policy?
It is mandatory to get renters insurance if you have a pet. Though no one expects their dog to bite anyone, one should not be oblivious to such a possibility. Renters insurance will help cover the medical expenses of a person injured by your pet.
7. Will I Be Covered If I Suffer a Bedbug Manifestation?
No. As troubling as such bugs may be, you cannot cover expenses for damages caused by them with your renters insurance policy.
8. What If I Live in a Flooded Area?
Imagine you live in a neighborhood that is frequently troubled by floods, and you get a renters insurance plan that only covers damages caused by leakages. Such a plan will not cover natural disasters and cannot pay for the damages caused. Instead, you will have to buy a separate flood insurance coverage.

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