Answers to Common Home Insurance Questions

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Common Home Insurance Questions

What You Should Know About Home Insurance

There are some questions about homeowners insurance that every homeowner asks. We have rounded some of the top questions so that you can better understand home insurance coverage.

Does home insurance cover my belongings?

There will be a part in your home insurance that provides coverage for your contents. This means that if your belongings are damaged in a covered peril or stolen, you have coverage to repair and replace them. Keep in mind that there will be a limit for how much your policy covers, and if you have items of high-value, you may need to obtain additional insurance.

Does home insurance cover floods?

Standard home insurance policies do no cover damage from floods. It does cover water damage, which many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that this means floods. Although a policy will often cover damage from a burst water pipe or a broken dishwasher, it will not cover flood damage from a natural disaster.

Does home insurance cover liability?

Home insurance will provide you will liability protection which means that if someone is injured or their property is damaged while visiting you, you will have coverage that can help with associated expenses.

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