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How to Protect Your Car From Theft

How to Protect Your Car From Theft

Protecting Your Vehicle From Theft  Your car is an object of desire. The problem is that it’s not just an object of desire for you. Whether it’s the car itself or the valuables within it, your car is as much a target for thieves as it ever was. Car theft is a problem all over Read More

What’s the Difference Between Car Insurance and a Car Warranty?

What’s the Difference Between Car Insurance and a Car Warranty?

Understanding the Difference Between Car Insurance and a Car Warranty Both car warranty and car insurance cover repair costs of your car but their usage are vastly different. While car insurance covers a broader range of factors that lead to repair expenses, a car warranty is limited to covering expenses related to the breakdown in Read More

When to File a Police Report (And How It Affects Your Claim)

When to File a Police Report (And How It Affects Your Claim)

Do I Need to File a Police Report After a Car Accident?  Being involved in an auto insurance accident can be scary, especially if you sustained serious injuries. However, even with a minor auto collision, it’s important to get full documentation for your own protection. Even if you think you don’t have much to report, Read More

Get Organized Month: How to Tidy Up Your Car

Get Organized Month: How to Tidy Up Your Car

Organize Your Vehicle  Do you ever think twice about giving someone a lift because your car is in a perpetual state of disorganization? Since January is Get Organized Month, now is a great opportunity to dedicate some time to your vehicle to get it clean and tidy. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be a long Read More

Car Safety for New Year’s Eve

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Ring in the New Year safely by checking out with these driving tips. New Year’s is a time for celebrating, reflection, and resolutions. As one of the most hyped party nights of the year, there will be lots of festivities occurring this December 31st. Whether you’re throwing a party, checking out a nightclub, or staying Read More

Tips for Driving at Night

Tips for Driving at Night-Time

Use these tips and secure the right auto insurance to ensure a safe drive after dark.   Now that the nights and mornings are getting darker, we find ourselves driving to and from work in the dark. Driving at night doesn’t have to be dangerous if you prepare properly. While visibility is severely reduced and Read More

Safety Behind the Wheel: Tips for Your Summer Drive

Tips for Your Summer Drive

Stay safe on summer roads with these tips. Whether it’s the daily work commute, the school run, or a summer road trip, driving in the hottest season has its challenges. As well as sun glare, you’ve got high temperatures to contend with, which can make your car behave differently. In addition, roads are busier, especially Read More

Common Causes of Car Accidents (& How to Avoid Them!)

Common Causes of Car Accidents

Know – and avoid – the common causes of car accidents. Auto accidents happen everywhere, every day. Most people know someone who has been in an accident, if they themselves have not. Not only does this rack up huge auto repair bills, insurance claims, and medical costs, but the results are often devastating. The National Read More

Avoid These Top Five Bad Driving Habits

Bad Driving Habits

Adopt a safer driving style and avoid picking up these bad driving habits. As motorists get used to the roads, it’s only natural that their Driver’s Ed safety skills start to slip. However, speeding and rolling through stop signs, no matter how experienced you are, is never safe. Driving safely should be second nature to Read More

The Top Factors That Influence Your Car Insurance Rates

Factors Car Insurance Rates

Find out what influences your car insurance rates. Just as no two people are alike, no two insurance quotes are identical. Insurance policies have to be personalized because no two drivers are the same, and therefore a ‘one-policy-fits-all’ will not suit everyone. A car insurance company will determine the cost based on a number of Read More