Do You Need Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Do You Need Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Do You Need Roadside Assistance Coverage?

Roadside Assistance: Do I Need It?

Are you confident when it comes to your car? With comprehensive insurance, motorists can rest assured they have coverage if they’re ever involved in an accident or event, like a crash, vandalism, or violent weather. But what about those unforeseen incidents that your auto insurance doesn’t cover, like breaking down or getting a flat tire while driving? Do you know how to fix the problem on your own?

More and more, we’re seeing drivers benefit from roadside assistance coverage. This coverage can usually be purchased alongside your auto insurance and it covers a variety of situations if you are ever stranded on the road. Here are just a few events that roadside assistance covers:

  • Towing service – If your vehicle breaks down and cannot be driven, a tow truck will come out to take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic up to a limited number of miles. If you want or need your vehicle to be towed beyond that limit, they won’t leave your car stranded, but they will charge you extra.
  • Flat tires – It happens to the best of us. Whether we get a flat tire while driving or see one after a long day at work, it’s never a pleasant experience. Fortunately, roadside assistance coverage means that a service professional will get to your location and replace the flat tire with the spare, meaning you can get back on the road.
  • Battery jump-start service – Now that colder weather is here, there is a higher chance that batteries will fail. If this is the case, a professional will come out and attempt to start a vehicle by jump-starting the battery. This will then allow you to make it to the nearest mechanic to have a new battery fitted.
  • Lockout service – If you ever get locked out of your vehicle, a roadside service pro will help you open your vehicle without damaging your car.
  • Fuel delivery – Often drive with the gas indicator on red? If you run out of gas while driving, someone will come out and top up your tank to help you get to the nearest fuel station.

For the quality roadside assistance coverage you need to go along with your auto insurance, talk to the team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers today!


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