Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Internal Damage?

mold on tile

mold on tile

Coverage for Interior Property Damage


When homeowners think of their homeowners insurance, they often think of it stepping in to help with significant events like fires, lightning, vandalism, and theft. While these instances tend to be covered in a standard policy, what about the seemingly minor interior concerns that can be just as damaging?


  • Water damage

Whether a standard homeowners insurance policy will cover internal water damage depends on how the damage occurred. If it is sudden water damage from a burst pipe, wind-driven rain, or malicious criminal activities, it is likely that your policy will cover it. However, it may not cover damage caused by gradual leaks, sewage backup or flooding.


  • Mold and mildew

Mold in your home may or may not be covered, depending on what caused it. If the mold is caused by water damage from water used to put out a fire, you may be able to claim coverage. However, removal of mold from your home is not covered if the mold resulted from flooding, ground seepage, or pipes that were poorly maintained, leading to leaks.


  • Pet damage

Most standard home insurance policies will not cover damage your pet does to your personal property or home, whether it’s staining a carpet or scratching the walls. However, liability coverage included in most policies may provide protection in case your pet damages someone else’s property or injures someone.


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