Effect of Your Relationship Status on Auto Insurance

Does relationship status affect car insurance

Do Your Relationship Status Affect Car Insurance? Here are some common questions and answers on this topic.

Married people are generally more responsible drivers than single ones. Statistics show that married drivers are involved in fewer motor vehicle accidents and related injuries than single people. As a result, getting married can lower your vehicle insurance costs. Besides, married drivers get more discounts from most auto insurance companies.

Do married people pay lower car insurance premiums?

Getting married can have a significant impact on your auto insurance costs. Car insurance rates are generally lower for married couples than for single individuals. When people get married, many car insurance companies give them a discount on their policies. The specifics may vary according to company and state, but on average, married insured pay 4% less than single insured, with some states paying up to 10% less.

How much does a single driver pay for car insurance?

Car insurance is normally more expensive for single drivers than for married drivers. Married drivers are often seen as more financially secure and risk-averse, hence pay lower rates than single drivers. Single drivers in the ten largest U.S. states pay an average of $123 more per year for full coverage auto insurance than married drivers.

How does car insurance change after a divorce?

When a marriage ends, couples can spend a lot of time and effort dividing up their assets, belongings, and even the cars they own together. To gain exclusive control of the car, you may need to reassess finance agreements with the dealership, and your car insurance policy will certainly be affected by the divorce. Divorce and car insurance can be difficult to navigate when the policy is based on joint ownership along with other factors, such as

  • Insurance costs
  • Legal considerations
  • Other drivers on the policy
  • Vehicle registration and title

Therefore, the effects of getting divorced on your auto insurance depend on the divorce order or the agreement you and your spouse reached, among other factors. Although each divorce is unique, car insurance is handled rather quickly once the divorce is finalized.

Car insurance for widowed drivers

Between married and widowed drivers, there is the least difference in premiums. Widowed drivers pay an average of $50 higher than married drivers. This, like other marital statuses, has to do with a widowed client’s risk profile. While not as risky as a divorced or single driver, a widowed driver is statistically more likely than a married driver to be involved in an accident and file a claim. Thus, a higher premium is charged from a widowed driver.

These are a few things that you need to know about how your relationship status can affect your auto insurance premiums. Contact our agents at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers today to find out how we can help you get the best auto insurance coverage.


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