Extend Your Car’s Life with These Tips

Extend Your Car’s Life

Extend Your Car’s Life

Stop running your car into the ground; extend your car’s life with these tips.

For many of us, our car is one of our most prized possessions. It gets us to and from work, it was a hefty purchase, and it keeps us safe on the roads. More than that, it’s something that we heavily depend on. These days, motorists are attempting to keep their vehicles running for longer before they upgrade or trade them in so that they get their full money’s worth. With relatively easy maintenance, you can extend your car’s life better than ever before.

As it’s important to maintain your car properly so that you can continue getting from A to B, check out these simple ways to extend your vehicle’s life.

Tend to minor repairs. Little issues can become big ones when left unattended. If you hear a hum when you turn on the air conditioning or notice your car is pulling to the right, get it checked out. Taking care of the small problems now will prevent further larger and costly problems down the road.

Keep up with oil changes. Oil is essential to the proper operation of your engine. When oil levels are low or the oil is old, the parts have more friction. Eventually, this will cause more wear and tear on your car. Have your oil regularly changed according to the schedule recommended in your owner’s manual.

Change your air filter regularly. Your air filter should be replaced around every 12,000 miles. Over time, dust gathers on the filter which means that the engine has to work harder. In turn, this can negatively affect your gas mileage and engine performance.

Stay on top of tire pressure. Tires inflated within 5 PSI of the recommended levels greatly improve your gas mileage. Furthermore, it betters the general handling of the vehicle. Be sure to regularly check your tire pressure to ensure it’s at the right inflation.

Keep it clean. Dust and debris may not be a big issue for you, but over time it can cause undue wear on your car’s surfaces. Regularly wash and wax your car to keep your paint job pristine!

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