Health Insurance Coverage for Spouse/Partner: An Overview

Health insurance for spouse


For the past few years, health insurance has been much easier to obtain than in years long past. Prior to the last few years, policies were either too expensive or inadequate to cover what was needed. The Affordable Care Act has made it possible for everyone to obtain insurance policies they can rely on to provide them with the coverage they need. It has also changed how spouses and partners get coverage. Having health insurance in place has become more important than ever with all of the different types of viruses we are exposed to on a daily basis.

Health Insurance Plans for Spouses

As soon as a couple gets married, the new spouse is eligible to be added to the husband or wife’s health insurance coverage. As a qualifying event, it is one of the few times that a spouse can be added to a policy during a special enrollment period. You have 30 days to make these necessary changes and to update any other information that has changed over the past year. Another qualifying event is if your spouse loses the insurance they had through their employer. For either of these qualifying events to be valid, you will have to provide the proper documentation during verification.

Health Insurance Plans for Domestic Partners

Unlike in the past, domestic partners are now eligible to receive health care coverage through their significant others’ work policies. For many years, same-sex couples and couples who lived as common-law husbands and wives were not eligible for their partner to be covered by the others’ insurance policy through their place of employment. This type of partnership is much harder to prove and may require letters from family members or some other form of evidence that the two of you are living at the same residence and sharing your living expenses. A six-month to one-year waiting period may be imposed by your employer before your domestic partner can be added to your health care policy. In states where same-sex marriage is recognized, your employer will normally offer the same health insurance coverage as if you were a traditional couple.

Buy Your Own Policy or Get One Through Work

There are instances when your employer may not offer health care coverage to domestic partners or your spouse if you are in a same-sex marriage. If that is the case, then you can search your state’s marketplace to find a health insurance policy that will meet the needs of both you and your domestic partner or spouse. Buying from the marketplace follows the same general rules as if you would have purchased your policy from your employer. If you have questions, make sure you get all of the answers you need before you purchase the policy.

When you need a good health insurance policy and are looking outside of what your employer is offering, you want to talk to agents who have the most experience. Call our reputable agents at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers today if you want to find a policy that meets your needs. We can discuss your options with you so that you and your significant other are fully covered.


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