Insuring Your Holiday Presents

Insuring Your Holiday Presents

Insuring Your Holiday Presents

Safeguard the Presents You Received Underneath the Tree

Did you receive some wonderful presents under the tree over the holidays? While adding these valuable belongings to your homeowners insurance may not be on the top of your list of things to do in the New Year, it would be a mistake to forget! Now that the gift-giving season is over, it’s time to update your home inventory to include your precious belongings. If you don’t, you may find that your new gifts are not covered if a disaster or burglary occurs.

Got Engaged? Insure the Ring!

The holidays are a special time of year, so it’s often seen as a good time to pop the question. An engagement ring should be added to a home inventory straight away, preferably with the receipt still in hand. If the ring was expensive, then it may exceed the current limit on a standard homeowners insurance policy, requiring additional insurance in the form of a rider for protection.

Top Technology

With the ever-increasing portfolio of new technology and gadgets available in stores, it’s no wonder technology is often a popular gift during the holidays. Whether it’s a brand-new laptop, the latest iPhone, or a 3D TV, make note that these gadgets should be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. With such fragile and expensive technology in the home, you may want to consider updating your home’s security features.


Often, people surprise others with a vintage car or a sparkling new motorcycle over the holidays. These gifts are certainly thrilling – and hard to wrap. With any vehicle, you’ll want to take out appropriate insurance. Classic car or motorcycle insurance can protect your vehicle for many years to come.

Most of these gifts are on the expensive side, so if you’ve either purchased or have been gifted one of these, you may want to think about reviewing your homeowners insurance. Visit Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for the quality coverage that you need and deserve.


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