How (and Why!) You Need to Move Around at Work

Move Around at Work

Move Around at Work

Are you stagnant on the job? Here’s why you need to move around at work.

While you may think that sitting down all day at a desk doesn’t cause much wear and tear on your body, research shows otherwise. Not only does your physical body suffer from staying seated all day, but your long-term health is severely impacted. Before you stay seated all day, there are critical reasons why you should move around at work. 

Sitting is the New Smoking

The sad truth is that your desk job is killing you. Sitting is rapidly becoming as bad for your health as smoking. Scientists have analyzed that anyone sitting for more than six hours a day is at a heightened risk of developing problems, which may be as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

Sitting is responsible for raising the chances of getting heart disease by 64 percent, as well as increasing the chance of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. While you may have to sit for eight hours a day at your job, you can minimize the impact by moving around at work!

Take breaks – Stand up every 20 minutes. Start by taking the stairs to the office rather than the elevator, give a message to your colleague rather than sending an email, or simply get up to stretch or march in place.

Use a standing desk – A standing desk allows you get work done standing up comfortable, stay focused, while burning calories when you’d normally be sitting sedentary.

Drink from small cups – You’ll need to get up more frequently if you use a small cup for your coffee or water. Getting up and moving about to refill your water will have you moving more in no time.

Hold stand up meetings – If you’re in a management or leadership role, encourage your team to stand rather than sit during meetings. The meeting will likely be streamlined if everyone is on their feet and focused.

Use your breaks wisely – In your half an hour break, walk around the block or stretch instead of sitting down away from your desk!

Take standing calls – Taking calls all day can be boring and repetitive. Break the cycle by getting up and walking in circles. This is especially helpful if you’re on hold!

The professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers hope that you move around at work so that your health benefits! Whether you’re looking for health insurance or business insurance – we’re here to help you! Visit us in Camarillo, California or give us a call today to get started.


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