Situations Where Renters Insurance Will Save You

Situations Where Renters Insurance Will Save You

Situations Where Renters Insurance Will Save YouMoments Where Renters Insurance Pays Off

Renters insurance is one of those policies that not all renters have, but one that all renters need. Even though you may think that the worst will never happen to you and your rented space, the reality is that accidents can happen to anyone. Renters insurance can be the safety net that you need in an unfortunate situation. Here are just a few scenarios where renters coverage can save you and your bank account.

Your friend gets injured.

You invite all your best buds over to watch the big game with some pizza and cocktails. It has all the makings of a perfect afternoon! Your friend heads into your kitchen for a refill, slips on the tile, and really hurts himself. Because this person slipped in your apartment, he could hold you liable for medical and other costs associated with the injury. It’s happened before, and even good friends can hold you accountable for their injury costs. Luckily, renters insurance can help cover these expenses.

You get robbed in a hotel.

You’ve been waiting for this vacation for months. You check into a nice hotel and unpack all of your belongings. You come home after an amazing night to find your laptop has been taken from your room. While it’s not exactly how you wanted to start your vacation, your renters insurance will cover this for you, thankfully.

You cause fire damage.

It’s fajita night in your apartment, and you’re cooking for everyone. You move the hot skillet and, suddenly, grease spills on your burner and erupts into flames. In seconds, the cabinets above your stove, your belongings, and your stovetop are ruined. Renters insurance to the rescue again! Your policy will cover the damaged items (up to the policy limit) and will pay for you to stay in a hotel while your apartment is being repaired.

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