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Make Yours a Smart Home with These Devices

smart home

Smartphone to smart home – make your life easier.

With our phones, watches, and laptops, we’re never far from the Internet. While smartphones have already dominated much of the nation, smart home innovations are next up. Devices that you can control by a touch of a button looks ever-appealing to busy professionals, working families, and those who want to make their lives a little bit easier.

To catch your home up to the 21st century, check out these smart home devices that really work.

Temperature Control
The Nest Thermostat, also compatible with Google, can reduce your energy bills by up to 15 percent by automatically adapting to your daily schedule. It learns your patterns of “warmer mornings” or “cooler evenings” preferences, and you can control it from your smartphone, even while away from your home!

Home Security
You can arm and disarm your entire house simply from your smartphone or keychain remote control with SkylinkNet Alarm System. Wireless cameras are easy to set up and install, and window or door motion sensors can trigger a push notification on your smartphone.

Smart Laundry
LG’s suite of “smart” home appliances work with each other to ensure efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The ThinQ SmartWasher automatically washes clothes at the most cost-effective time during the day and can be monitored remotely! Due to this, it uses 30 percent less energy and about half of the water than your standard washing machine does!

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Home Appliance Repairs: New Homeowner Woes

Home Appliances Break

Did your beloved dishwasher kick the dust? Learn how to deal with your home appliance repairs.

New homeowners, isn’t it a great feeling to be settled into your new home? Just as you start to relax once all of the boxes are unpacked, and everything has its own place, something breaks. It doesn’t matter if it’s the fridge or furnace, the honeymoon period in your new abode may be over. Home appliance repairs can be a headache, but with these simple steps, you’re able to get things running again!

Keep Calm

When your appliance or system breaks down in your new home, don’t panic. Make sure to rule out any of the obvious reasons. Has it blown a fuse or the cord is now unplugged? Is there a main safety switch that is in the ‘off’ position? Things may not always be as bad as they seem; sometimes just flipping a switch is all it takes.

Call a Professional

When it comes to expensive electrical appliances or a whole heating and cooling system, it’s best not to tackle problems yourself. Incorrectly ‘fixing’ it and fiddling can do more damage than good. As a result, you could be looking at a bigger issue and a hefty bill to get it fixed and repair your damages. Before you find a professional on your own, it’s important to do your own homework. Check to see if your new home came with a home warranty. A home warranty is a service contract to help repair or replace certain systems and appliances within a home.

When it comes to searching for your professional, read user reviews online. Check that the professional is licensed and certified to complete work. Lastly, trust your instincts. If you call to make an appointment and don’t entirely trust the company, consider moving on to someone else.

Appliances can go on the fritz at any time. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for the unexpected so that you can start enjoying your new home! For the security that you want for your finances, contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to secure the right homeowners insurance policies today. Our professionals take all of the stress out of finding the best coverage for you!

Get Back into Shape – For Busy People!

Get Back In Shape

If you’re a busy bee, you can still maintain your fitness!

Many busy parents, businesspeople, and students have enough on their plate without the thought of regular exercise. However, this is a costly mistake to make! Putting health on the back-burner is almost a sure way to suffer later on in life. You have one body – be sure to look after it.

Clean eating and regularly exercising do not have to take up too much of your time!

Use these tips to get back into shape!

  • Plan ahead – Look at next week’s calendar. Fit 20 minutes of exercise into your schedule for a quick sweat session! Try to do this three times a week to start. After a full week, you’ll have a better idea of what you can realistically fit in!
  • Set realistic goals – Don’t schedule an hour’s workout when you actually only have 35 minutes’ spare!
  • Cook in bulk – Preparing a week’s worth of meals can be done in one night! From salad to chicken, get creative to save time (and not starve!). Prepare meals that cut back on carbs for best results!
  • Pack snacks – After work at 5:30 p.m., the last thing you may feel like doing is exercise because you’re tired and hungry. Luckily, packing a protein bar or a piece of fruit ensures you keep going and controls your hunger throughout the evening!
  • Choose intensity over duration – If you have 20 minutes to exercise, make it worthwhile! You can work out for an hour and hardly break a sweat – so choose exercises that push you!
  • Try home workouts – You don’t need a $100 gym membership to stay fit. From dumbbells to jump ropes, you can get all the exercise you need in the comfort of your own living room!

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