Tips to Enjoy Halloween and Keep Your Home Safe

Tips to Enjoy Halloween and Keep Your Home Safe

Tips to Enjoy Halloween and Keep Your Home SafeHalloween Home Safety Tips 

For homeowners, trick-or-treaters aren’t the only spooky things that come with Halloween. The scariest holiday is almost upon us, and now is the time for homeowners to prepare their home for Halloween so that they can enjoy it. From fires to falls, here are a few precautions to take to make your home safe before your Halloween party, or when little ghouls and witches come calling.

  • Clear Things Up

Remove obstacles that could be tripping hazards. Make sure holiday decorations, garden hoses, toys, and more are kept well away from where kids will be walking. You will also want to double-check that the path leading to and from the house is free from cracks and holes.

  • Secure the Pets

All the visitors can overexcite your dog, making it a stressful night. It is best to confine your pets to one room or area of the house so that they cannot see the frequent trick-or-treaters. You’ll keep everyone safe and make sure your pet feels more secure.

  • Light it Up

It might be fun to turn all the lights off to get the full spooky effect of the jack-o-lanterns, but a darkened home and walkway can spark trips, falls, and multiple injuries. Turn on the lights to be safe and install extra lights outside to ensure guests can see the path.

  • Take Care of the Candles

Instead of putting a tea light in the jack-o-lantern, which poses a risk to you and your home, use LED lights. This is a smart swap that will keep your property safer on Halloween.

  • Consider Your Candy Options

Keep in mind that some candy may not be for every child. Some kids have food allergies, ranging from peanuts to chocolate to wheat. Check the bag’s label for allergy and choking warnings.

  • Review Your Home Insurance

You may not know, but opening your home trick-or-treaters and Halloween party guests can expose you to homeowners claims and lawsuits. Unfortunately, this is the not-so-fun side of the fun holiday. Talk to your insurance agent to ensure that your home insurance policy is current and that you have adequate protection.

When it comes to celebrating Halloween, make sure your home is ready. Homeowners insurance can protect your property through Halloween and beyond! Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine the right homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs and home today.


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