Why Should You Choose a Local Independent Insurance Agent

Independent insurance agent

When it comes to an insurance policy, everyone wants a cost-effective solution in the most convenient way possible. While you could go directly to a national carrier, choosing a local independent insurance agent can help you save money and find the most suitable coverage for your budget and needs.

The Purpose of Insurance Agents

An insurance agent sells policies (products) from providers to consumers. They have an in-depth understanding of the industry and will match your requirements with personalized coverage, be it a life, car, home, or commercial insurance policy.

One type is a captive agent who only offers products from a single insurance carrier. The other is an independent insurance agent who offers policies from various insurers. For this reason, they can get you several quotes for multiple insurance options best aligned with your needs.

Here are some of the reasons to consider a local independent insurance agent over direct insurance companies:

  1. Familiarity With Local Coverage Needs – Unlike national carriers, an independent agent has a local focus and is familiar with the general coverage requirements of your area. They know that a waterfront property will have different coverage needs from home in a wildfire zone. They don’t need an introduction to the hazards or liability risks that a typical dental office or a brick-and-mortar store in your location faces day-to-day.
  2. Local Community Involvement – Locally-focused insurance agents are committed to giving back to the community by participating in various uplifting initiatives. They often join in (or even initiate) charitable activities like fundraisers. They’re keen to make a positive impact in the communities they call home.
  3. Cost Effective Coverage – The cost of life, auto, homeowners, or commercial insurance policies varies depending on many factors, including the policyholder’s marital status, location, age, and business type. To know that you’re getting the best coverage you need for a reasonable price, you have to compare quotes from different insurance companies. An independent insurance agent can get the quotes on your behalf so you may choose the most affordable, personalized coverage.
  4. They Make Your Life Easier – Think about the calls that must be made to multiple insurance companies just to compare quotes. Would you have the time? Also, not all carriers have every type of policy or coverage options you may need. However, an independent insurance agent has contractual relationships with several reputable nationwide companies. As such, they’re not only a one-stop shop for different policies but also serve as your personal insurance shopper.
  5. Expert Guidance – An independent insurance agent isn’t a typical salesperson–they’re insurance experts with a deep understanding of the industry. With the knowledge they have, they can answer any questions on complicated policies and help you make sense of premium rate fluctuations. They’re the go-to professional when you need to understand how each coverage works or what you can do to reduce your insurance costs or qualify for a discount.
  6. They’ll Look Out for You – The fact that an independent agent isn’t tied to any particular carrier allows them to serve the client’s best interests rather than the insurance company’s. If any national insurer isn’t the best fit for you because of your lifestyle or coverage needs, your agent can recommend a more suitable option. If your current home insurance company refuses to renew, citing that your roof is too old, you can count on your agent to start exploring viable alternatives.

Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers Can Help You With Your Insurance Needs

A local independent insurance agent advocates for your best interests all the time. Contact our experts here at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers if you have any questions. We are always ready to answer all your questions.

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