How to Work Ergonomically When Traveling

Work Ergonomically When Traveling

Work Ergonomically When Traveling

Work ergonomically while you’re on the move for business.

For those whose workforce is on the road weekly, you’ll know that there are difficulties that work travel can present in terms of ergonomics. In today’s modern society, you can find employees working anywhere from corner coffee shops bright and early in the morning to red-eye flights. You may even work virtually, without a traditional corporate office. Over time, these mobile work situations can take a toll on the body. With the on-the-go workforce here to stay, it’s important to avoid the discomfort, strains, and pains that come along with it. Wherever your travels take you, be sure to work ergonomically.

  1. Use a 4-wheeled suitcase. It requires less force to move and you can push it through the airport by your side in a neutral wrist posture, rather than having to reach beyond your body to pull a suitcase.
  2. Wear a laptop backpack or use a strap on the back of your laptop bag to slide it over the handles of your suitcase to minimize bending over and putting stress on your neck and shoulders.
  3. Use the luggage rack in your hotel room to pack and unpack your bag. If a luggage rack isn’t available, use the bed or a chair or ottoman.
  4. Use a pillow to raise the screen of your laptop. Angle the laptop screen so that you can see the font with the least amount of neck deviation.
  5. Use an external keyboard for a tablet when writing emails. Also, save longer emails for when you can access a computer versus typing them out on your phone.
  6. Vary postures between sitting and standing. Visit the hotel’s lobby if you’ve been sitting for a while. Many airport lounges now have raised tables so you can stand during layovers, too.
  7. Use task/reading lights when working in your hotel room or on an airplane. As nice as natural light may be, it can strain the eyes if it’s not bright enough.

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