What’s Keeping You From Good Sleep? Find Out Here!

Get Good Sleep

Get Good Sleep

Are you having trouble getting the rest you need? Use this guide to get a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping is absolutely essential to our health. Without it, our bodies (and minds) have no time to recover. Losing sleep leaves you feeling run down in every way, and can make life feel hard. The good news is that there are some things you can do to get your needed rest. Here are some common reasons you’re not getting good sleep, and how to overcome them.

Overactive brain.

Even if your body’s exhausted, your brain might still be running a million miles a minute when you lay down. One of the best ways to ease your brain is to make sure you go to bed with all your to-dos checked off. Cut your procrastination, and sleep will come easier. If your brain still won’t turn off, get out of bed, walk around the house, and try again.

Bad habits.

Our bodies have a natural circadian rhythm that tells them when to sleep and when to wake. Rather, they should have such rhythm. The problem is that all too many of us keep irregular sleep cycles and disrupt our body’s natural rhythm. Commit to getting into bed at the same time most nights, and getting up at the same time the next day (yes, even on the weekends)! Your body will get into a routine, making sleeping—and getting up–easier.


When your body aches, sleep is challenging. If you feel pain when you get into bed, it might be time to adjust or replace your mattress and pillows. Buying a whole new mattress might seem expensive, but good sleep is priceless!

If you’re still having trouble sleeping, you should seek medical advice. Do you have the health insurance you need to be able to see your doctor so you can get the rest your body needs? For the right California coverage for your health and your budget, contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers.


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