Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

Pool Safety Tips for the Summer

Check out these pool safety tips for your children this summer.

Having a pool in the backyard is a pleasant feature on a hot summer’s day. It means that you’re able to take a dip, cool off, and enjoy your own outdoor space. It also means that you have a notable safety hazard on your property. Even if you and your children are advanced swimmers, the proper safety precautions should always be in place and these pool safety tips should be followed!


  • Have family rules for your pool and ensure that everyone knows them.
  • Keep children away from the filter inlet. This can be hazardous to young children by drawing them underwater.
  • Teach your children to swim and encourage them to wear safety flotation devices until they are confident.
  • Install fencing to keep people and pets out of the pool without your knowledge.
  • Evacuate the pool in rain and thunderstorms.
  • Make a pool safety kit. Build this kit and keep it in your pool area. Be sure it contains a fully stocked first aid kit and a pair of scissors to cut away clothing or hair that may get stuck in a drain or flotation device.


  • Swim alone.
  • Leave children unattended – even for a couple of minutes.
  • Drink alcohol and swim.
  • Allow glass or sharp, breakable items in the pool area.
  • Allow running, diving, or pushing in your pool.

With these pool safety tips for summer, you and your children will be able to safely swim all through the season! For the peace of mind to know that your finances and assets are protected, contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for all of your insurance needs. We can help you get the insurance you need to fully relax poolside during the warm weeks ahead. Call our team of experts today!


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