Enter These Tips to Reduce Cyber Liability Risk

Reduce Cyber Liability Risk

Reduce Cyber Liability Risk

ENTR the safety, CNTRL the risk and delete the spam. Here’s how to reduce cyber liability risk in your business!

Every business, small or large, needs to recognize the threat of cyber liability. Potential cyber-attacks can threaten any business, at any time. No hacker or cracker waits for a convenient time for your business to go on hold. Should information fall into the wrong person’s hands, your business, employee’s identity, vendor’s information will be highly compromised. A sure way to avoid the attack and lessen the impact of cyber liability is to train your employees to recognize and deal with these incidents.

Empowering your employees to identify common cyber threats can be beneficial to the security and organization of your business’ information online. Train your current employees these top tech tricks as well as including this as part of the onboarding routine for new hires.

  • Company Data: You and your employees have legal and regulatory obligations to respect, private information to protect, and a company’s reputation to preserve. No company data should be released when unnecessary.
  • Passwords: Encourage your employees to change their password every month, and to select strong ones that can’t be predicted. You’re not fooling anyone with the password ‘Password123’.
  • Unauthorized Software: Never let employees download software that is not verified or unlicensed. This can make the computer susceptible to malicious software downloads that can corrupt the data. Make it a policy to confirm with the supervisor before downloading any new software.
  • Internet Use: Train your employees to avoid suspicious forms and websites online. Avoid sites that have pop-ups and an unsecured network.
  • Email: Educate your team on determining scam emails from unrecognized senders and suspicious subject titles, and how to properly dispose of these emails.
  • Document Management: In the event of an employee’s computer becoming infected with a virus, employees should immediately report the incident to the IT team for investigation and action. Employees should be trained to recognize a serious threat or alert and act on it to ensure no further damage occurs.
  • Sensitive Information: Limit the number of employees who can access the company’s critical data.

Through the proper protection of your company’s data and devices, you won’t face hackings, corruption of data, or a release of all sensitive and personal information. These circumstances can destroy your business’ reputation and credibility, potentially closing your doors for good.

For the proper protection to prevent your company suffering from such a disaster, purchase Cyber Liability Insurance. Check out our tips on how to purchase this much-needed insurance in today’s society. To get started on your policy, contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers.


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