Your Company Needs These Small Business Insurance Coverages

Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance

Does your small business insurance meet your company’s needs?

Anything from a boutique retail store to a start-up marketing company are small businesses that have unique services and needs. For this reason, they need specific insurance policies to protect them. After all, you’ve worked hard to build up your company from scratch and raise it into the small (but mighty) business that it is – That’s why you need small business insurance.

While every business will have different risks, there are some common insurance policies that just about every company must consider.

General Liability Insurance
Should a client be injured on your property and slap you with a lawsuit, General Liability Insurance would step in to cover the costs of legal representation and associated costs with being sued.

Property Coverage
More often than not, you’ll conduct your business from a building. With property coverage, it’s certain that your damaged building is repaired or rebuilt quickly so that you avoid losing income and preserve both the equity and your financial future.

Workers’ Compensation
Even a business with one employee is required to have workers’ compensation, which covers the liability risks if an individual is injured while on the job. Check out what your business needs to know about workers’ compensation.

Commercial Flood Insurance
Damage caused from floods are not typically covered under a property insurance policy. In turn, business owners need to take out Commercial Flood Insurance to protect the property. As no building is safe from flooding, this policy is essential for every location.

Cyber Liability Insurance
As technology advances, so do hackers. With more and more companies storing data and important information online, the event of a breach grows likely. Cyber Liability insurance is there to protect your business from viruses, leaching sensitive information, hackers, downtime for repairs, and the reputation.

One thing that your company shouldn’t have to worry about is reliable coverage. Contact the industry experts located in Camarillo – Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers – for all of your business insurance needs.


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