Smart Steps for Safe Shopping Online

Smart Steps for Safe Shopping Online

Smart Steps for Safe Shopping OnlineIf you’re an e-shopper, you’ll want to know how to buy safely online.

Do you bargain hunt on your tablet? Or get deals sent straight to your smartphone to purchase right away? E-commerce has made our shopping easier, both to our detriment and our pleasure.

The benefits include a quick and easy transaction, finding exactly what we want, and tracking the package’s every move! While the benefits are plentiful, mobile and online shopping can open the door to fraudulent activity that can quickly end in tears.

To ensure that your e-commerce experiences are satisfactory, use these smart steps for safe shopping online!

  • No phishing allowed: Be on the lookout for phishing scams! Ignore and delete any emails and texts that claim they need personal information to complete a transaction.
  • Know your merchant: Only shop at well-respected and reputable retailers. Not only could you be scammed out of a sum of money, but you may never get the item or it could be fake. To see if the retailer is secure, you should see https:// instead of http://.
  • Avoid Wi-Fi: Be careful when using public Wi-Fi to make a purchase via smartphone or other devices as many public networks are not protected with encryption.
  • Keep confirmations: Print out the confirmation page and/or retain the email after making an online purchase.
  • React quickly: If you suspect a fraudulent transaction or an attempt on your credit card account, contact your credit card provider immediately.

Keeping safe online means that you can enjoy your purchases and a bright financial future! To protect your finances down the road, ensure that you have a secure insurance safety net to fall back on. Contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers today for your insurance policies in California.


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