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What to Look Out for When Renewing Homeowners Insurance

Renewing Homeowners Insurance

How to update your policy when renewing homeowners insurance.

While the spring season is upon us, take the time to clean up your home’s protection. While spring cleaning offers the ideal time to check smoke alarms and maintenance tasks, there are other ways of protecting your home this season. Renewing homeowners insurance is a must for every homeowner, but do you ever comb through your policy to ensure it still meets your needs?

Here’s what to check out when you review your policy!

Personal Belonging Coverage

Have you recently acquired family heirlooms, a brand new laptop, or sold some expensive jewelry? If so, your insurer should know. Providing protection for your personal possessions is a big part of a homeowners insurance policy. If you don’t have the correct items listed on your home inventory, you could be exposing your beloved items to risk. Whenever you buy or sell something of value, take the time to update your home insurance policy. If you haven’t done so yet, review this when renewing your insurance as you may forget to update it throughout the year.

Upgrades That Call for an Update

Kitchen renovations, bathroom installments, and home upgrades all call for a review of insurance. Look through your policy when you renew it – have you made any changes to the home? Renovations can cause your home’s value to increase, meaning that your old insurance policy doesn’t cover the home in its entirety. Additions such as a pool or adopting a dog call for additional liability protection. In these cases, an umbrella policy is desirable.

Ask the Experts

Insurance professionals are there to help you through the process of reviewing and renewing insurance. Talk to your local team for more information on how to secure reliable coverage. Visit Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for the quality insurance policies that you need and deserve.

Grilling Season is Here: Barbecue Safety Tips

Barbecue Safety Tips

General do’s and don’ts for barbecue safety tips.

The summer season is almost here, and that means making the most of the fine weather. The longer nights, brighter days, and warmer weather brings everyone out into the sun, particularly when there’s a feast! Before you get your grill out for the season, be sure to review these barbecue safety tips!


  • Don’t ever cook if you’re affected by alcohol or prescription drugs.
  • Never leave barbecues unattended.
  • Set it up on level ground, away from bushes, fences, tents, and other structures. Do not set it up underneath hanging tree branches or right by the home itself.
  • Leave plenty of room around your barbecue, so you don’t have to squeeze past it.
  • Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby in case of emergencies.
  • Never take a barbecue of any kind into a tent or awning. The carbon monoxide it gives off could kill you.
  • Be aware that cooking fatty foods can cause the barbecue to flare up.
  • Keep pets and children away from the grill at all times.
  • Dispose of the ashes once they have cooled completely!

For gas barbecues:

  • Make sure the tap is turned off before changing the gas cylinder. Do so in the open air or a well-ventilated place.
  • When you’ve finished cooking, turn off the gas cylinders before you turn off the barbecue controls. This will use up any gas in the pipeline.
  • If you suspect a leak to the gas cylinder or pipe work, brush soapy water around all joints and watch for bubbles. If you find a leaking joint, tighten it gently.
  • Store gas cylinders outside, away from frost and direct sunlight.

Part of what keeps your home safe through barbecue season is securing reliable home insurance. Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine the right homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs through summer and beyond!

Spring Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete

Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Spring forward with these spring home maintenance tasks.

Now that spring is here, the days are brighter, warmer, and perfect for getting outside and working on the house. To make the most of these days and to prepare your home for the seasons ahead, check out these spring home maintenance tasks.

Declutter. Organize each room, starting with removing the clutter and junk! Donate what you can, sort what you have, and throw away the rest.

Examine the roof. Head up to check out how your roof survived the winter. If there are any cracks or shingles missing, repair and replace as necessary.

Unclog the gutters. From the autumn and winter, twigs, leaves, and debris may have gathered in your home’s gutters. To prevent them from clogging up the drains and causing blockages, clean out the gutters in the nicer weather.

Check the attic. Birds, squirrels, and insects may have taken to the attic for shelter from the winter months. Hire a professional to carefully and humanely remove them from your property and release them into the wild.

Clean. ‘Tis the season for spring cleaning! Clean out the fridge, move appliances away from the walls to get the grime underneath, dust surfaces, and vacuum your entire house.

Bring nature indoors. To welcome spring into your home, bring the biggest and brightest bunch of flowers to your kitchen or dining room table. Seasonal flowers will liven up any room!

Wash the windows. With the nicer weather, fingerprints, dust, and grime show up easily on windows. Take the time to clean the windows inside and out so that they sparkle from across the street!

With a little preparation, your home can be ready for the new season! Fortunately, it takes just a simple phone call to secure the right homeowners insurance protection for your spring-ready home. Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine the right homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs and home today.

How Do I Rent an Apartment with Bad Credit?

Can I rent an apartment with bad credit to my name?

We weren’t all born with good credit. A good score takes time and patience to build up. If you have no credit, or worse, bad credit, you may have a harder time buying a car or renting an apartment. This is because financial institutions look up your credit score to see how reliable you are to pay on time. When you’re looking to rent an apartment with bad credit to your name, here’s how to get started.

Find a guarantor: Ask a parent, trusted friend, or relative with a good credit score to co-sign the rental application with you. The landlord will have the added reassurance that someone who is financially trustworthy is helping you out. If you can’t pay the monthly rent, your co-signer will be forced to pay up. Be sure that you can afford the monthly payments for the rent so that your guarantor doesn’t have to bail you out.

Increase the security deposit: Offer to pay more for the security deposit so that the landlord has something to fall back on if you can’t make a payment (even though this is not an ideal situation). Putting down a larger deposit is a sign of good faith that you can pay monthly rent.

Show proof of income: The best way to ease landlord concerns about credit is to provide them proof of your regular and consistent income. When applying for an apartment with bad credit, have recent pay stubs, tax returns, and a letter of employment on hand.

Work to perfect your score: Bettering your credit score takes some time, patience, and organization. Aim to pay credit card bills on time, respond to collection agency phone calls immediately, and don’t close an account that’s in good standing. Bettering your credit score over time will eventually help you to apply for that next apartment or home loan!

Work to protect your finances by protecting them. Visit Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for the quality insurance policies that you need and deserve.

Home Appliance Repairs: New Homeowner Woes

Home Appliances Break

Did your beloved dishwasher kick the dust? Learn how to deal with your home appliance repairs.

New homeowners, isn’t it a great feeling to be settled into your new home? Just as you start to relax once all of the boxes are unpacked, and everything has its own place, something breaks. It doesn’t matter if it’s the fridge or furnace, the honeymoon period in your new abode may be over. Home appliance repairs can be a headache, but with these simple steps, you’re able to get things running again!

Keep Calm

When your appliance or system breaks down in your new home, don’t panic. Make sure to rule out any of the obvious reasons. Has it blown a fuse or the cord is now unplugged? Is there a main safety switch that is in the ‘off’ position? Things may not always be as bad as they seem; sometimes just flipping a switch is all it takes.

Call a Professional

When it comes to expensive electrical appliances or a whole heating and cooling system, it’s best not to tackle problems yourself. Incorrectly ‘fixing’ it and fiddling can do more damage than good. As a result, you could be looking at a bigger issue and a hefty bill to get it fixed and repair your damages. Before you find a professional on your own, it’s important to do your own homework. Check to see if your new home came with a home warranty. A home warranty is a service contract to help repair or replace certain systems and appliances within a home.

When it comes to searching for your professional, read user reviews online. Check that the professional is licensed and certified to complete work. Lastly, trust your instincts. If you call to make an appointment and don’t entirely trust the company, consider moving on to someone else.

Appliances can go on the fritz at any time. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared for the unexpected so that you can start enjoying your new home! For the security that you want for your finances, contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to secure the right homeowners insurance policies today. Our professionals take all of the stress out of finding the best coverage for you!

How Do I Choose the Right Deducible for My Home Insurance in Camarillo, CA?

Insurance in Camarillo, CAGet the most out of your home insurance in Camarillo, CA with a deductible to suit your needs.

Choosing the right deductible is vital to protecting your home and finances. Every policy has a deductible so every person buying homeowners insurance will have to make this decision (no, there’s no avoiding it!). Selecting a deductible limit that suits your needs and budget enable your home to stay protected, your money to stay in your pocket, and your belongings to stay safe. In short, what more could you want?

What is a deductible?

A deductible is a total amount that you have to pay out-of-pocket before insurance kicks in. If you have a $1,000 deductible on your home insurance, in the event of an accident or damage from a listed peril, you are responsible for the first $1,000 of accident-related payments, and then the insurance company will handle the rest (up to the policy limit).

There are generally two types of deductibles: a dollar-amount and a percentage based. The difference between them is how your deducible is calculated, and there are a couple of factors depending on how much your home is valued at. Once calculated, a homeowner pays if they file a claim is fixed for the length of that policy.

How to Choose:

When selecting a deductible, you’re really balancing the short-term cost that you can afford (your deductible) and the long-term cost of your policy (your premiums). The more you can afford in the short-term, the more you’ll save in the long-term as a higher deductible means lower monthly premiums. Before selecting a high deductible right off the bat, consider if you can afford this cost out-of-pocket in the event of an accident.

There are other reasons it makes sense to raise your deductible. Every insurance company is different but typically, if you file a claim, the cost of your premium will rise because, in essence, you’ve become a riskier and costlier homeowner to insure. And the more claims you file, the higher your premium will be!

Want to know your best of securing the right insurance deductible? Talk to a trusted industry expert at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers. Our agents in California know the risks of each home, and can take steps to safeguard your house and belongings with reliable home insurance in Camarillo and neighboring cities in California!