What to Look Out for When Renewing Homeowners Insurance

Renewing Homeowners Insurance

Renewing Homeowners Insurance

How to update your policy when renewing homeowners insurance.

While the spring season is upon us, take the time to clean up your home’s protection. While spring cleaning offers the ideal time to check smoke alarms and maintenance tasks, there are other ways of protecting your home this season. Renewing homeowners insurance is a must for every homeowner, but do you ever comb through your policy to ensure it still meets your needs?

Here’s what to check out when you review your policy!

Personal Belonging Coverage

Have you recently acquired family heirlooms, a brand new laptop, or sold some expensive jewelry? If so, your insurer should know. Providing protection for your personal possessions is a big part of a homeowners insurance policy. If you don’t have the correct items listed on your home inventory, you could be exposing your beloved items to risk. Whenever you buy or sell something of value, take the time to update your home insurance policy. If you haven’t done so yet, review this when renewing your insurance as you may forget to update it throughout the year.

Upgrades That Call for an Update

Kitchen renovations, bathroom installments, and home upgrades all call for a review of insurance. Look through your policy when you renew it – have you made any changes to the home? Renovations can cause your home’s value to increase, meaning that your old insurance policy doesn’t cover the home in its entirety. Additions such as a pool or adopting a dog call for additional liability protection. In these cases, an umbrella policy is desirable.

Ask the Experts

Insurance professionals are there to help you through the process of reviewing and renewing insurance. Talk to your local team for more information on how to secure reliable coverage. Visit Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for the quality insurance policies that you need and deserve.


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