Spring Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete

Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Spring forward with these spring home maintenance tasks.

Now that spring is here, the days are brighter, warmer, and perfect for getting outside and working on the house. To make the most of these days and to prepare your home for the seasons ahead, check out these spring home maintenance tasks.

Declutter. Organize each room, starting with removing the clutter and junk! Donate what you can, sort what you have, and throw away the rest.

Examine the roof. Head up to check out how your roof survived the winter. If there are any cracks or shingles missing, repair and replace as necessary.

Unclog the gutters. From the autumn and winter, twigs, leaves, and debris may have gathered in your home’s gutters. To prevent them from clogging up the drains and causing blockages, clean out the gutters in the nicer weather.

Check the attic. Birds, squirrels, and insects may have taken to the attic for shelter from the winter months. Hire a professional to carefully and humanely remove them from your property and release them into the wild.

Clean. ‘Tis the season for spring cleaning! Clean out the fridge, move appliances away from the walls to get the grime underneath, dust surfaces, and vacuum your entire house.

Bring nature indoors. To welcome spring into your home, bring the biggest and brightest bunch of flowers to your kitchen or dining room table. Seasonal flowers will liven up any room!

Wash the windows. With the nicer weather, fingerprints, dust, and grime show up easily on windows. Take the time to clean the windows inside and out so that they sparkle from across the street!

With a little preparation, your home can be ready for the new season! Fortunately, it takes just a simple phone call to secure the right homeowners insurance protection for your spring-ready home. Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine the right homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs and home today.


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