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What to Look Out for When Renewing Homeowners Insurance

Renewing Homeowners Insurance

How to update your policy when renewing homeowners insurance.

While the spring season is upon us, take the time to clean up your home’s protection. While spring cleaning offers the ideal time to check smoke alarms and maintenance tasks, there are other ways of protecting your home this season. Renewing homeowners insurance is a must for every homeowner, but do you ever comb through your policy to ensure it still meets your needs?

Here’s what to check out when you review your policy!

Personal Belonging Coverage

Have you recently acquired family heirlooms, a brand new laptop, or sold some expensive jewelry? If so, your insurer should know. Providing protection for your personal possessions is a big part of a homeowners insurance policy. If you don’t have the correct items listed on your home inventory, you could be exposing your beloved items to risk. Whenever you buy or sell something of value, take the time to update your home insurance policy. If you haven’t done so yet, review this when renewing your insurance as you may forget to update it throughout the year.

Upgrades That Call for an Update

Kitchen renovations, bathroom installments, and home upgrades all call for a review of insurance. Look through your policy when you renew it – have you made any changes to the home? Renovations can cause your home’s value to increase, meaning that your old insurance policy doesn’t cover the home in its entirety. Additions such as a pool or adopting a dog call for additional liability protection. In these cases, an umbrella policy is desirable.

Ask the Experts

Insurance professionals are there to help you through the process of reviewing and renewing insurance. Talk to your local team for more information on how to secure reliable coverage. Visit Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for the quality insurance policies that you need and deserve.

Grilling Season is Here: Barbecue Safety Tips

Barbecue Safety Tips

General do’s and don’ts for barbecue safety tips.

The summer season is almost here, and that means making the most of the fine weather. The longer nights, brighter days, and warmer weather brings everyone out into the sun, particularly when there’s a feast! Before you get your grill out for the season, be sure to review these barbecue safety tips!


  • Don’t ever cook if you’re affected by alcohol or prescription drugs.
  • Never leave barbecues unattended.
  • Set it up on level ground, away from bushes, fences, tents, and other structures. Do not set it up underneath hanging tree branches or right by the home itself.
  • Leave plenty of room around your barbecue, so you don’t have to squeeze past it.
  • Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby in case of emergencies.
  • Never take a barbecue of any kind into a tent or awning. The carbon monoxide it gives off could kill you.
  • Be aware that cooking fatty foods can cause the barbecue to flare up.
  • Keep pets and children away from the grill at all times.
  • Dispose of the ashes once they have cooled completely!

For gas barbecues:

  • Make sure the tap is turned off before changing the gas cylinder. Do so in the open air or a well-ventilated place.
  • When you’ve finished cooking, turn off the gas cylinders before you turn off the barbecue controls. This will use up any gas in the pipeline.
  • If you suspect a leak to the gas cylinder or pipe work, brush soapy water around all joints and watch for bubbles. If you find a leaking joint, tighten it gently.
  • Store gas cylinders outside, away from frost and direct sunlight.

Part of what keeps your home safe through barbecue season is securing reliable home insurance. Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine the right homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs through summer and beyond!

Spring Home Maintenance Tasks to Complete

Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Spring forward with these spring home maintenance tasks.

Now that spring is here, the days are brighter, warmer, and perfect for getting outside and working on the house. To make the most of these days and to prepare your home for the seasons ahead, check out these spring home maintenance tasks.

Declutter. Organize each room, starting with removing the clutter and junk! Donate what you can, sort what you have, and throw away the rest.

Examine the roof. Head up to check out how your roof survived the winter. If there are any cracks or shingles missing, repair and replace as necessary.

Unclog the gutters. From the autumn and winter, twigs, leaves, and debris may have gathered in your home’s gutters. To prevent them from clogging up the drains and causing blockages, clean out the gutters in the nicer weather.

Check the attic. Birds, squirrels, and insects may have taken to the attic for shelter from the winter months. Hire a professional to carefully and humanely remove them from your property and release them into the wild.

Clean. ‘Tis the season for spring cleaning! Clean out the fridge, move appliances away from the walls to get the grime underneath, dust surfaces, and vacuum your entire house.

Bring nature indoors. To welcome spring into your home, bring the biggest and brightest bunch of flowers to your kitchen or dining room table. Seasonal flowers will liven up any room!

Wash the windows. With the nicer weather, fingerprints, dust, and grime show up easily on windows. Take the time to clean the windows inside and out so that they sparkle from across the street!

With a little preparation, your home can be ready for the new season! Fortunately, it takes just a simple phone call to secure the right homeowners insurance protection for your spring-ready home. Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine the right homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs and home today.

New Homeowners, Here’s Your Essential Home Insurance Checklist

Essential Home Insurance Checklist

Buyers, don’t forget important tasks from this home insurance checklist.

Mortgage lending to first-time buyers is at its highest level for years. But if you’re among those getting a home loan for the first time, your work isn’t done until you’ve sorted out your homeowners insurance. Before you head to price comparison sites to pick the cheapest one you can find, here’s what you need to know first.

Check your credit rating

A good credit history helps you in so many ways. Good credit will make it easier for you to get a mortgage at a competitive rate, and it may qualify you for discounts on an insurance policy. Get a copy of your credit report and scan it for errors.

Search for a safe house

As you search for a new home, remember that the physical characteristics of the building can affect the cost and choice of homeowners insurance. Opt for a safe house that is near a working fire department and away from the coastline. Better yet, ensure that the home is well-built, has updated plumbing and electrical systems, and has no history of being damaged by natural disasters.

Check the loss history report

Ask the current homeowner to obtain a copy of the loss history report on the home. These reports provide a record of the type of damage in the home, the date of loss, and the amount and status of each claim filed.

Get the house inspected

You’ll need to have the house professionally inspected to get your mortgage approved. He or she will check everything from the general condition to potential problems and may suggest an upgrade or replacements that are important.

Call your insurer

Don’t wait until the last minute to think about insurance. Talk to the professional team at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to determine the right homeowners insurance policy to suit your needs and new home today.

Make Yours a Smart Home with These Devices

smart home

Smartphone to smart home – make your life easier.

With our phones, watches, and laptops, we’re never far from the Internet. While smartphones have already dominated much of the nation, smart home innovations are next up. Devices that you can control by a touch of a button looks ever-appealing to busy professionals, working families, and those who want to make their lives a little bit easier.

To catch your home up to the 21st century, check out these smart home devices that really work.

Temperature Control
The Nest Thermostat, also compatible with Google, can reduce your energy bills by up to 15 percent by automatically adapting to your daily schedule. It learns your patterns of “warmer mornings” or “cooler evenings” preferences, and you can control it from your smartphone, even while away from your home!

Home Security
You can arm and disarm your entire house simply from your smartphone or keychain remote control with SkylinkNet Alarm System. Wireless cameras are easy to set up and install, and window or door motion sensors can trigger a push notification on your smartphone.

Smart Laundry
LG’s suite of “smart” home appliances work with each other to ensure efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The ThinQ SmartWasher automatically washes clothes at the most cost-effective time during the day and can be monitored remotely! Due to this, it uses 30 percent less energy and about half of the water than your standard washing machine does!

While the future of technology arrives, take some time to properly protect your home. For the security that you want for your finances, contact Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to secure the right homeowners insurance policies today. Our professionals take all of the stress out of finding the best coverage for you!

Cut Back on These Household Expenses to Save Money

Keep more in your wallet by eliminating these household expenses.

These days, everyone is looking to save a bit of money. From coupon clipping to setting up monthly goals, there are plenty of ways to keep more money in your wallet. As a homeowner, you’ll know that owning a house doesn’t come cheap. While you can’t change some bills (the mortgage, homeowners insurance, utilities), there are some household expenses that you can change to save more money!

Improve your savings by eliminating these costly expenses.

Put on Your Apron

Going out to eat adds up. Even heading out for a quick service dinner or going out for lunch can make a huge dent in your savings. To prevent eating away your money, learn how to cook – and cook things well. Once you master the kitchen, you’ll be making breakfast, lunch, and dinner without thinking about it. You’ll also save money monthly!

Cut the Cable

Do you remember the last time you watched cable TV? If it’s only once a year for the Thanksgiving parade, it’s time to reconsider this service. With Amazon Prime and Netflix, there are plenty of options to watch all of your favorite TV shows and films without draining your wallet.

Go Green

Adopting eco-friendly habits isn’t just good for the planet; it’s good for your wallet. Use less energy and spend less on this utility every month by turning off every light before you leave a room, taking shorter showers, using energy-efficient light bulbs, and unplugging devices when they’re not in use. It really is that simple!

Better your savings even further and learn how to get the right homeowners insurance rate for your home and budget. Contact the professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers to get started today.

Personal Property Insurance You Need!

Personal Property Insurance You Need

Check out the personal property insurance you need to keep yourself protected. 

A homeowners insurance policy is personal property insurance you need to keep your home and finances safe. In the event of a natural disaster, theft, or liability lawsuit, homeowners can fall back on their policy to cover hefty expenses.

Before you buy the cheapest homeowners insurance policy that you see online, it’s important to know the essential property insurance you need to keep safe! Check out these coverages that will best keep your finances in your wallet and your home protected.

  1. Coverage for damage to the house: This part of a policy pays to repair or rebuild a home if it’s damaged or destroyed by fire, hurricane, hail, lightning, or another listed peril in the policy. It won’t pay for damage caused by a flood or earthquake – but these two policies can be purchased separately.
  2. Coverage for personal property: Everything from furniture to clothes to sports equipment and other personal items are covered if they’re stolen or destroyed by a covered disaster. Trees, plants, and shrubs are also protected under standard homeowners insurance should they face fire, lightning, explosion, vandalism, and even falling aircraft. Personal items of high value are often excluded from this coverage (such as jewelry, furs, silverware) and will need a rider to protect their entire worth.
  3. Personal liability protection: Liability covers against lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that policyholders or family members cause to other people. It can pay for the cost of defending the policyholder in court, up to the policy limit. An umbrella insurance policy provides broader coverage, including claims for libel and slander, as well as higher liability limits.
  4. Additional living expenses: This pays the additional costs of living away from home while it is being repaired due to a fire, storm, or another listed disaster. This coverage can foot the bill for hotel rooms, restaurant meals, and other living expenses while the home is uninhabitable.

Are you ready to secure the property insurance you need? Contact the professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers for the insurance that your home and wallet deserve.