Cyber Liability Tips for Your Business’ Social Media Presence

Cyber Liability Tips

Cyber Liability Tips

Social media has taken over the world. Does your business know these cyber liability tips?

Social media isn’t just for personal use. Businesses are adopting this platform to utilize contacts, network, and promote. Social networking sites allow businesses to transform from their traditional marketing strategies by developing and deepening the relationship between the company and the customer.

With that said, mistakes happen. Companies should be careful about what they publish on social media, as well as allowing employees to access social profiles. Whether intentional or unintentional, staff can threaten the business’s reputation on social media with defamatory comments of other members of the team, vendors, or even the company itself.

Businesses should implement these cyber liability tips:

  • Establish a review process for social media content or limit the number of people who can comment on a post.
  • Train employees so that they understand the brand image, voice, and can recognize ‘trolls’ on the Internet.
  • Never publish copyright content without the copyright holder’s permission.
  • Regularly change the password to social media platforms.
  • Only allow a limited number of people onto profiles.
  • Purchase Cyber Liability Insurance.

Cyber liability insurance is designed to protect your business from legal expenses and lawsuits that your company faces after a social media mishap. From data breaches, cyber attacks, and defamation of business associates, cyber liability coverage can step in to protect your business from financial strain.

As a lot of businesses start to adopt social media into their everyday routine, they should be aware of the risks. The potential for risk should inspire your business to be prepared. With these cyber liability tips, your company can stay safe from social media mishaps and potential lawsuits!

Do you have the right cyber liability insurance in place for your business? Contact the professionals at Chambers & Company Insurance Brokers, located in Camarillo, to get started today.


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