Low-Cost Employee Perks That Your Team Will Love!

Low-Cost Employee Benefits

Low-Cost Employee Benefits

Offering your team these low-cost employee perks can significantly raise office morale.

When you first start your business, employee benefits are probably the last thing on your mind. After all, you have to raise enough money to hire the employee to begin. As you grow your business, you’ll face the dilemma of wanting to attract the best and brightest workers, but you can’t afford the high-dollar salary and brilliant benefits.

The good news is that a lot of employees are looking for more of a balance of salary and perks. In the long run, providing low-cost benefits can help you to attract loyal employees and compete for talent in today’s job market. In addition, your current employees will feel the benefit of a happier workplace!

Unlimited Vacation Time
Letting employees decide how much vacation time that they take may seem like a slippery slope. However, this can encourage them to work harder. With the right policies in place and trustworthy employees, this can be a good pay off for the individual and the company alike.

Work From Home
Give employees the option to work from home one day a week. Employees who telecommute reported improvements in stress levels, morale, and productivity.

Take a Break
Set up a designated quiet room for employees to take 10-minute relaxation breaks. Provide yoga mats for meditation and comfy chairs to relax for a few minutes. Employees will come back to their desk revitalized and ready to dive in.

Free Food Friday
Every 5th Friday (or so), treat your employees to a catered breakfast or lunch. If this isn’t in the budget, stock the fridge and cupboards with healthy and fun snacks to keep them going!

Welcome the Woof
It’s a known fact that pets make us happier! Designate four-legged-friend-friendly days for employees to bring their dogs to work. Dogs in the office reduce stress for their owners, bring happiness to the playing pups, and make work more satisfying for other employees!

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