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What You Need Before You File Your Taxes

What You Need Before You File Your Taxes

Whether you love it or hate it, here’s what you need before you file your taxes! Tax season is not the most loved time of year, but tax preparation is non-negotiable. If you opt to see a tax professional or you decide that you’re good with numbers and can tackle it yourself, being prepared is Read More

Smart Steps for Safe Shopping Online

Smart Steps for Safe Shopping Online

If you’re an e-shopper, you’ll want to know how to buy safely online. Do you bargain hunt on your tablet? Or get deals sent straight to your smartphone to purchase right away? E-commerce has made our shopping easier, both to our detriment and our pleasure. The benefits include a quick and easy transaction, finding exactly Read More

Lists to Keep if You Want to Be Successful!

Lists to Keep if You Want to Be Successful

Excel in life by becoming a list-maker! Even if your memory is so good that you can remember what the weather was like on January 5th, 2009 (rainy, if you didn’t know – but we googled it), there are times when we forget to take the laundry out of the washer or send that all-important Read More

What Would a World Without Insurance Look Like?

World Without Insurance

Anarchy in the streets, lootings in every town, and a bleak financial future is the world without insurance. It’s easy to feel that there’s no benefit to buying insurance unless you file a claim. Yet, a look into the world without insurance reflects the drastic changes that would be present without coverage. The history of Read More

Sleep Awareness Week: Time to Get Better Shut-Eye

Sleep Awareness Week

Resolve to settle your sleep debt during Sleep Awareness Week! From March 6th to March 13th, The National Sleep Foundation launched Sleep Awareness Week 2016. This annual event aimed to encourage the public to prioritize sleep to improve their overall health and well-being. With many healthcare professionals and community members encouraging effective and efficient sleep, many Read More

Get Back into Shape – For Busy People!

Get Back In Shape

If you’re a busy bee, you can still maintain your fitness! Many busy parents, businesspeople, and students have enough on their plate without the thought of regular exercise. However, this is a costly mistake to make! Putting health on the back-burner is almost a sure way to suffer later on in life. You have one Read More

Tips for Cyber Liability Insurance in California

cyber insurance in california

Smart business owners secure their company with cyber insurance in California. With the rise of technology comes a growing risk of data breaches and cyber liability lawsuits. While you may have thought your computers were safe behind locked doors, this is certainly not the case anymore. All businesses are at risk of cyber attacks, be Read More

Is ‘Free’ Wi-Fi Really Free?

Real Price You Pay For Free Public WiFi

Wireless Internet is available in most places these days – but it comes at a price! Wherever you go, most people are glued to their phones, smartwatches, and tablets. Family function? Check. Doctors office? iCheck. Public transport? Double check!! The best things in life are free, so Wi-Fi is definitely one of those . . Read More

What’s Keeping You From Good Sleep? Find Out Here!

Get Good Sleep

Are you having trouble getting the rest you need? Use this guide to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping is absolutely essential to our health. Without it, our bodies (and minds) have no time to recover. Losing sleep leaves you feeling run down in every way, and can make life feel hard. The good news Read More

Privacy With Your Fitness Device – How To Secure Identity?

privacy with your fitness device

With the risks very real, put these tips into practice to protect privacy with your fitness device It is estimated that 60 percent of Americans now regularly track their weight, diet, or exercise activity. The easiest way to do this is a smart bracelet that records physical activity and calorie intake. With the use of Read More